Graduating PhDs in 2008-2009

Neil Alldrin

Advisor:David Kriegman
Dissertation Title: Models and Methods for Recovering Shape, Reflectance and Illumination from Images
Current Employment: Tandent Vision Science; Pittsburgh, PA; Research Scientist
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Vikas Bansal

Advisor:Vineet Bafna
Dissertation Title: Computational Methods for Analyzing Human Genetic Variations
Current Employment: Scripps Health; La Jolla, CA; Research Scientist
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Greg Bruno

Advisor: Keith Marzullo
Dissertation Title: Embracing Diversity:Improving Performance for Parallel Storage Systems Built with Heterogeneous Disks
Current Employment: UCSD (SDSC and CalIT2)La Jolla, CA; Programmer Analyst

Lawrence Cayton

Advisor: Sanjoy Dasgupta
Dissertation Title: Bregman Proximity Search
Current Employment: Max Planck Institute; Tubingen, DE; Post Doc Research
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Sashka Davis

Advisor: Russell Impagliazzo
Dissertation Title: On the Power of the Basic Algorithmic Design Paradigms
Preferred Employment: Industry
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Diwaker Gupta

Advisor: Amin Vahdat
Dissertation Title: Scalable Virtual Machine Multiplexing
Current Employment: Aster Data; Redwood City, CA; Technical Staff Member
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Ragesh Jaiswal

Advisor: Russell Impagliazzo
Dissertation Title: New Proofs of (New) Direct Product Theorems
Current Employment: Columbia University; New York, NY; Post doc researcher

Wojciech Jarosz

Advisor: Mattias Zwicker
Dissertation Title: Efficient Monte Carlo Methods for Light Transport in Scattering Media
Current Employment: Disney Research; Zurich, Switzerland; Postdoctoral Researcher
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Neel Joshi

Advisor: David Kriegman
Dissertation Title: Enhancing Photographs Using Content-Specific Image Priors
Current Employment: Microsoft Research; Redmond, WA; Interactive Media Group; Postdoc Researcher

Hyunmin Kang

Advisor: Eleazar Eskin
Dissertation Title: Effective Design and Analysis of Systems Genetic Studies
Current Employment: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; Ann Arbor, MI; Research Assistant Professor
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Kirill Levchenko

Advisor: Ramamohan Paturi and Stefan Savage
Dissertation Title: XL: Communication-Efficient Routing Protocol
Current Employment: UCSD; La Jolla, CA; CSE Dept; Postdoc
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Kevin Li

Advisor: Bill Griswold
Dissertation Title: Enabling Eyes-Free Interaction with Tactile Messages Based on Human Experience
Current Employment: ATT Labs; Florham Park, NJ; Sr Member of Tech Staff
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Vadim Lyubashevsky

Advisor: Daniele Micciancio
Dissertation Title: Towards Practical Lattice-Based Cryptography
Current Employment: Tel Aviv University; Tel Aviv; Postdoc
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Roshni Malani

Advisor: Bill Griswold
Dissertation Title: Public Digital Note-Taking in Lectures
Current Employment: Google; Mountain View, CA; Software Engineer
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Marvin McNett

Advisor: Geoff Voelker
Dissertation Title: Flexible and Efficient Resource Management in a Virtual Cluster Environment
Current Employment: Microsoft; Seattle, WA; Software Engineer

Sean O'Rourke

Advisor: Eleazar Eskin
Dissertation Title: Information-Theoretic and Hypothesis-Based Clustering in Bioinformatics
Preferred Employment: TBA

Nicola Onose

Advisor: Alin Deutsch
Dissertation Title: Uncovering the Full Potential of Data Services
Current Employment: UC Irvine; Irvine, CA; Postdoc Researcher
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Vincent Rabaud

Advisor: Eleazar Eskin
Dissertation Title: Manifold Learning Techniques for Non-Rigid Structure from Motion
Current Employment: Video Surf; San Mateo, CA; Software Engineer

Andrew Rabinovich

Advisor: Serge Belongie
Dissertation Title: Image Segmentation and Contextual Modeling for Object Recognition
Current Employment: Google; Santa Monica, CA; Research Engineer

Barath Raghavan

Advisor: Alex Snoeren
Dissertation Title: Toward Cheat-Proof Networking
Current Employment: Williams College; Williamstown, MA; Visiting Assistant Professor
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Rui Shi

Advisor: Chung Cheng
Dissertation Title: Off-Chip Wire Distribution and Signal Analysis
Current Employment: Unknown

Macniel Shonle

Advisor: Bill Griswold
Dissertation Title:  A Framework for the Checking and Refactoring of Crosscutting Concepts
Current Employment: University of Texas, San Antonio; San Antonio, TX; Assistant Professor
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Doug Turnbull

Advisor: Charles Elkan and Gert Lanckriet
Dissertation Title: Design and Development of a Semantic Music Discovery Engine
Current Employment: Swarthmore College; Swarthmore, PA; CSE Dept; Visiting Assistant Professor
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Kashi Vishwanath

Advisor: Amin Vahdat
Dissertation Title: Demystifying Internet Traffic
Current Employment: Microsoft Research; Redmond, WA; Researcher

Yi Zhu

Advisor:Chung Cheng
Dissertation Title: Interconnection Networks Synthesis and Optimization
Current Employment: Synopsys Inc; Mountain View, CA; Sr Engineer