Graduating PhDs in 2006-2007

Jeannie Albrecht

Advisor: Amin Vahdat and Alex Snoeren
Dissertation Title: Distributed Application Management
Current Employment: Williams College; Williamstown, MA; Assistant Professor -Tenure Track
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John Bellardo

Advisor: Stefan Savage
Dissertation Title: Secure and Efficient Wireless Networks
Current Employment: California Polytechnic State University; San Luis Obispo, Ca; Assistant Professor tenure;
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Kristin Branson

Advisor: Serge Belongie
Dissertation Title: Tracking Multiple Mice through Severe Occlusions
Current Employment: Caltech University; Pasadena, Ca; Postdoc in Electrical Engineering
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Hongyu Chen

Advisor: C.K. Cheng
Dissertation Title: On-Chip Interconnect Architectures: Perspectives of Layout, Circuits, and Systems
Current Employment: Synopsys, Inc.; Sunnyvale, CA; Senior Research and Design Engineer
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Weihaw Chuang

Advisor: Brad Calder
Dissertation Title: Maintaining Safe Memory for Security, Debugging, and Multi-Threading
Current Employment: Peakstream Inc.; Redwood Shores, CA; Technical Staff
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Craig Donner

Advisor: Henrik Wann Jensen
Dissertation Title: Toward Realistic Image Synthesis of Scattering Materials
Current Employment: UCSD; San Diego, CA; Postgraduate Researcher
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Douglas Harrell

Advisor: Geoffrey Voelker
Dissertation Title: Theory and Technology for Computational Narrative: An Approach to Generative and Interactive Narrative with Bases in Algebraic Semiotics and Cognitive Linguistics
Current Employment: Georgia Institute of Technology; Atlanta, GA; Assist Professor - tenure track
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Alejandro Hevia

Advisor: Daniele Micciancio
Dissertation Title: Anonymity and Independence in Multiparty Protocols
Current Employment: University of Chile; Santiago, Chile; Assistant Professor
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Yuanfang Hu

Advisor: Chung-Kuan Cheng
Dissertation Title: On-Chip Interconnection Architecture Optimization Using A Multicommodity Flow Approach
Current Employment: Mentor Graphics; San Jose, CA; Senior Software Engineer

Hector Jasso

Advisor: Garrison Cottrell
Dissertation Title: A Reinforcement Learning Model of Gaze Following
Current Employment: SDSC-UCSD; La Jolla, CA; Researcher
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David Kauchak

Advisor: Charles Elkan
Dissertation Title: Contributions to Research on Machine Translation
Current Employment: Adchemy Inc; Redwood City, CA; Research Scientist and Stanford University; Palo Alto, CA; Assistant Professor- Summer School
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Rakesh Kumar

Advisor: Dean Tullsen
Dissertation Title: Holistic Design for Multi-Core Architectures
Current Employment: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; Chicago, Il; Assistant Professor tenure-track
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Jeremy Lau

Advisor: Brad Calder
Dissertation Title: Predicting Performance Across Compilations
Current Employment: Google; Mountain View, CA; Software Engineer
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Jianhua Liu

Advisor: Chung Cheng
Dissertation Topic: Contemporary Data Path Design Optimization
Current Employment: Altera; San Jose, CA; Software Engineer
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Jia Mao

Advisor: Ron Graham
Dissertation Title: On the Design and Worst-Case Analysis of Certain Interactive and Approximation Algorithms
Current Employment: Goldman Sachs; New York, NY; Strategist - Associate
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Sean Peisert

Advisor: Sidney Karin
Dissertation Title: A Programming Model for Automated Decompostition on Heterogeneous Clusters of Multiprocessors
Current Employment: UC Davis; Davis, CA; PostDoc

Erez Perelman

Advisor: Brad Calder
Dissertation Title: Characterizing Time Varying Program Behavior for Efficient Simulation
Current Employment: Cypress Semi Conductors; San Diego, CA; PHD Coop
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Kiran Tati

Advisor: Geoffrey Voelker
Dissertation Title: Exploiting Heterogeneity in Peer-To-Peer Systems
Current Employment: VM Ware; Palo Alto, CA; Technical Staff
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Xinran (Ryan) Wu

Advisor: Andrew Chien
Dissertation Title: Distributed Fair Bandwidth Sharing for Lambda Networks
Current Employment: Microsoft; Redmond, WA; Sr. Software Design Engineer
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Huaxia Xia

Advisor: Andrew Chien
Dissertation Title: RobuSTore: A Distributed Storage Architecture with Robust and High Performance
Current Employment: Google Inc.; Mountain View, CA; Software Engineer
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Xu Xu

Advisor: Andrew B. Kahng
Dissertation Title: Optimizations of Manufacturability and Manufacturing in Nanometer-Era VLSI
Current Employment: Magma Design Automation; San Jose, CA; Consulting Staff

Xianan (Shannon) Zhang

Advisor: Keith Marzullo
Dissertation Title: Fault-Toleramt Grid Services
Current Employment: VM Ware; Palo Alto, CA; Technical Staff
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Haikun Zhu

Advisor: Chung Cheng
Dissertation Title: High-Performance Low-Power VLSI Design
Current Employment: Qualcomm Inc; San Diego, CA; Senior Design Engineer
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