Graduating PhDs in 2004-2005

Alexandra Boldyreva

Advisor: Mihir Bellare
Dissertation Title: Public Key Encryption in the Multi-User Setting: Privacy, Anonymity, and Efficiency
Current Employment: Georgia Tech Department of Computer Science; Tenure-track Assistant Professor; Atlanta, GA
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Robert Boyer

Advisor: William Griswold
Dissertation Title: Open Implementation Approach to Internet-Scale Context Awareness
Current Employment: San Diego's Finest Real Estate; Investment Analyst; San Diego, CA;
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Jamison Collins

Advisor: Dean Tullsen
Dissertation Title: Data Pre-fetching via Speculative Pre-computation on a Simultaneous Multi-threaded Processor
Current Employment: Intel Corporation
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Vagelis Hristidis

Advisor: Yannis Papakonstantinou
Dissertation Title: Keyword Search in Structured and Semi structured Databases
Current Employment: Florida International University School of Computer Science; Assistant Professor Tenure Track; Miami, FL
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Xin (Paff) Liu

Advisor: Andrew Chien
Dissertation Title: Scalable Online Simulation for Modeling Grid Dynamics
Current Employment: Ask Jeeves; Software Engineer; New Jersey
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Ozgur Sinanoglu

Advisor: Alex Orailoglu
Dissertation Title: A Unified On-Chip Transformation Framework for Cost-Effective SOC Test
Current Employment: Qualcomm; Senior Engineer; San Diego, CA
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Eric Tune

Advisor: Dean Tullsen and Brad Calder
Dissertation Title: Critical-Path Aware Processor Architectures
Current Employment: Google, Inc; Software Engineer; Mountain View, CA;
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Ju (Tony) Wang

Advisor: Andrew Chien
Dissertation Title: Tolerating Denial-of-Service Attacks - A System Approach
Current Employment: Ask Jeeves; Software Engineer; San Jose, CA
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Dmitrii Zagorodnov

Advisor: Keith Marzullo
Dissertation Title: Engineering Fault-Tolerant TCP/IP Services
Current Employment: University of Tromso Department of Computer Science; Postdoctoral Researcher; Norway
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Zhengyong (Simon) Zhu

Advisor: C.K. Cheng
Dissertation Title: Efficient Large-Scale Transistor Level Transient Analysis
Current Employment: Synopsys; Senior Research and Design Engineer; Sunnyvale, CA
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