Graduating PhDs in 2020-2021

Vahideh Akhlaghi

Advisor: Rajesh Gupta, Hadi Esmaeilzadeh
Dissertation Title: Algorithm-Hardware Optimization of Deep Neural Networks for Edge Applications
Current Employment: TBA
home page Email: vahide dot akhlaghi at gmail dot com

Julaiti Alafate

Advisor: Yoav Freund
Dissertation Title: Parallel Boosting and Learning from Diverse Datasets
Current Employment: Facebook; Menlo Park, CA; Research Scientist
home page Email: jalafate at gmail dot com

Mehrdad Bakhtiari

Advisor: Vineet Bafna
Dissertation Title: Computational Methods to Study Tandem Repeats in Human Genome and Complex Diseases
Current Employment: Uber; San Francisco, CA; Senior Software Engineer
home page Email: mehrdad dot baxtiari at gmail dot com

Michael Barrow

Advisor: Ryan Kastner
Dissertation Title: Efficient Data Driven Patient Specific Image Guidance in Liver Surgery
Current Employment: LLNL, Livermore, CA; Postdoc
home page Email: mjbarrow85 at gmail dot com

Sai Bi

Advisor: Ravi Ramamoorthi
Dissertation Title: Appearance Acquisition for Digital 3D Content Creation
Current Employment: Adobe Research; San Jose, CA; Research Scientist
home page Email: saibifig at gmail dot com

Jeremy Blackstone

Advisor: Ryan Kastner 
Dissertation Title: Using Blinking To Mitigate Passive Side Channel Attacks and Fault Attacks
Current Employment:  Howard University-EECS Dept; Washington, DC; Assist Prof
home page Email: jeremymccallblackstone at gmail dot com 

Darren Chan

Advisor: Laurel Riek  
Dissertation Title: Unseen Object Perception for Robots
Current Employment: HRL Laboratories; Malibu, CA; Research Staff Scientist
home page Email: chandurian at gmail dot com

Anant Dhayal

Advisor: Russell Impagliazzo
Dissertation Title: On Limiting and Limited Non-determinism in NEXP Lower Bounds
Current Employment: Facebook; Menlo Park, CA; Research Scientist
home page Email: anant dot dhayal1 at gmail dot com

Francesco Fraternali

Advisor: Rajesh Gupta
Dissertation Title: Reinforcement Learning for Power Management of Batteryless Sensing Systems
Current Employment: EpiSys Science; Poway, CA; Sr Research Engineer
home page Email: francesco dot fraternali at gmail dot com

Yunhui Guo

Advisor: Tajana Rosing  
Dissertation Title: Efficient Learning across Multiple Domains with Deep Neural Networks
Current Employment: UC Berkeley; San Francisco, CA; PostDoc
home page Email: henrykuo12 at gmail dot com

Saransh Gupta

Advisor: Tajana Rosing
Dissertation Title: Processing in Memory using Emerging Memory Technologies
Current Employment: IBM Research; Almaden, CA; Research Staff Member
home page Email: saransh dot 203 at gmail dot com

Alireza Khodamoradi

Advisor: Ryan Kastner 
Dissertation Title: Reshaping Deep Neural Networks for Efficient Hardware Inference
Current Employment: Xilinx Inc; Longmont, CO; Staff Research Engineer
home page Email: ar dot khodamoradi at gmail dot com

Rami Gökhan Kici

Advisor: Ranjit Jhala
Dissertation Title: Verifying Constant-Time Execution of Hardware
Current Employment: Amazon Web Services, Inc; Cupertino, CA; Applied Scientist
home page Email: gokhankici at gmail dot com

Baiyu Li

Advisor: Daniele Micciancio
Dissertation Title: Computational and Symbolic Models for Secure Computation
Current Employment: OptumSoft Inc; Menlo Park, CA; Software Engineer
home page Email: baiyu dot li at gmail dot com

Xiao Liu

Advisor: Jishen Zhao
Dissertation Title: Enabling Non-Volatile Memory for Data-intensive Applications
Current Employment: TikTok Inc; Mountainview, CA; Software Engineer/Researcher
home page Email: xiszishu at gmail dot com

Devon Merrill

Advisor: Steven Swanson
Dissertation Title: Hungry for Fully Automated Design of Embedded Systems?
Current Employment: Allegany College of Maryland - Comp Tech Dept; Cumberland, MD; Associate Professor
home page Email: djmerril at ucsd dot edu

Dominique Meyer

Advisor: Falko Kuester, Henrik Christensen
Dissertation Title: Epipolar Constrained Multi-camera Arrays for Embedded 3D Vision
Current Employment: LiMAR AI Inc; San Diego, CA; Founder & CEO
home page Email: dom at limar dot ai

John Sarracino

Advisor: Nadezhda Polikarpova, Sorin Lerner 
Dissertation Title: Language Design for Synthesizing Diagrams, Layouts, and Invariants
Current Employment: Cornell (CornellTech, Computing&Info Science); Ithica, NY; PostDoc
home page Email: jtsarracino at gmail dot com

Ainur Smagulova

Advisor: Alin Deutsch 
Dissertation Title: Vertex-centric Parallel Computation of SQL Queries
Current Employment: TigerGraph; Redwood City, CA; Software Engineer
home page Email: ainur dot smagulova at gmail dot com

Angelique Taylor

Advisor: Laurel Riek 
Dissertation Title: Human-Robot Teaming in Safety-Critical Environments: Perception of and Interaction with Groups
Current Employment: Cornell Univ; Ithaca, NY; Assist Professor
home page Email: lique dot taylor at gmail dot com

Shelby Thomas

Advisor: George Porter
Dissertation Title: Challenges, Opportunities, and Solutions for Next Generation Data Analytics Systems
Current Employment: Self-employed; Sunnyvale, CA; Co-founder
home page Email: shelbyty at protonmail dot com

Ruffin White-Magner

Advisor: Henrik Christensen
Dissertation Title: Usable Security and Verification for Distributed Robotic Systems
Current Employment: TBA
home page Email: rwhitema at ucsd dot edu

Lifan Wu

Advisor: Ravi Ramamoorthi
Dissertation Title: Appearance Preserving Prefiltering for Rendering Complex Scenes
Current Employment: NVIDIA; Redmond, WA; Research Scientist
home page Email: winmad dot wlf at gmail dot com