Graduating PhD's in 2019-2020

Marc Andrysco

Advisor: Ranjit Jhala
Dissertation Title: Towards Verified, Constant-Time Floating-Point Operations
Current Employment: Vakaros; Seattle, WA; Software Engineer
home page Email: mandrysc at ucsd dot edu

Marco Carmosino

Advisor: Russell Impagliazzo
Dissertation Title: Connections between Complexity Lower Bounds and Meta-Computational Upper Bounds
Current Employment: Simon Fraser Univ (CS Dept); Vancouver, BC, CANADA; PostDoc
home page Email: mcamosi at ucsd dot edu

Jiawei Gao

Advisor: Russell Impagliazzo 
Dissertation Title: The Fine-Grained Complexity of Problems Expressible by First-Order Logic and Its Extensions
Current Employment:  Google; Sunnyvale, CA; Software Development Engineer
home page Email: jig025 at ucsd dot edu

Quentin Gautier

Advisor: Ryan Kastner  
Dissertation Title: Automatic Optimization of System Design for 3D Mapping of Archaeological Sites
Current Employment: Pretia, Inc; Tokyo, JAPAN; Computer Vision R&D Engineer
home page Email: qkgautie at ucsd dot edu

Seyed Kaave Hosseini

Advisor: Shachar Lovett  
Dissertation Title: Structure and Randomness in Complexity Theory and Additive Combinatorics
Current Employment: Carnegie Mellon Univ; Pittsburgh, PA; PostDoc
home page Email: skhossei at ucsd dot edu

Joseph Jaeger

Advisor: Mihir Bellare 
Dissertation Title: Secure Messaging: From Systems to Theory
Current Employment: Univ of WA; Seattle, WA; PostDoc
home page Email: jsjaeger at ucsd dot edu

Mikhail Kolmogorov

Advisor: Pavel Pevzner 
Dissertation Title: Algorithms for Long-Read Assembly
Current Employment: UCSD; La Jolla, CA; PostDoc
Email: mkolmogo at ucsd dot edu

Kunal Korgaonkar

Advisor: Steve Swanson 
Dissertation Title: Building Scalable Architectures Using Emerging Memory Technologies
Current Employment: TBA
home page Email: kkorgaon at ucsd dot edu

Soohyun Nam Liao

Advisor: William Griswold and Leonard Porter
Dissertation Title: Early Identification of At-Risk Students and Understanding Their Behavior
Current Employment: Princeton Univ; Princeton, NJ; Non-Tenure Track Lecturer
home page Email: snam at ucsd dot edu

Vineet Pandey

Advisor: Scott Klemmer
Dissertation Title: Citizen-led Work using Social Computing and Procedural Guidance
Current Employment: Harvard University; Cambridge, MA; PostDoc 
Email: vipandey at ucsd dot edu

Stefanos Poulis

Advisor: Sanjoy Dasgupta
Dissertation Title: TBA
Current Employment: TBA
Email: spoulis at ucsd dot edu

Andreas Prodromou

Advisor: Dean Tullsen
Dissertation Title: Achieving Accurate Predictions of Future Events under Hardware Heterogeneity
Current Employment: NVIDIA; Santa Clara, CA; Sr Architect 
Email: aprodrom at ucsd dot edu

Igors Stepanovs

Advisor: Mihir Bellare
Dissertation Title: TBA
Current Employment: TBA
home page Email: istepano at ucsd dot edu

Mengting Wan 

Advisor: Julian Mcauley
Dissertation Title: Modeling the Dynamics of Consumer Behavior from Massive Interaction Data
Current Employment: Airbnb; Seattle, WA; Data Scientist
home page Email: m5wan at ucsd dot edu

Songbai Yan 

Advisor: Kamalika Chaudhuri
Dissertation Title: Algorithms for Query-Efficient Active Learners
Current Employment: TBA
home page Email: soyan at ucsd dot edu

Jian Yang

Advisor: Steven Swanson
Dissertation Title: Building Distributed Systems with Non-Volatile Main Memories and RDMA Networks
Current Employment: Google; Sunnyvale, CA; Software Engineer
home page Email: jiy092 at ucsd dot edu

Zhaomo Yang

Advisor: Kirill Levchenko
Dissertation Title: Compilers and Software Security: Opportunities and Challenges
Current Employment: Google; Sunnyvale, CA; Information Security Engineer
home page Email: zhy001 at ucsd dot edu

Jiapeng Zhang

Advisor: Shachar Lovett
Dissertation Title: Discrete Fourier Analysis and Its Applications
Current Employment: Harvard Univ; Cambridge, MA; PostDoc
home page Email: jpeng.zhang at gmail dot com

Lu Zhang

Advisor: Steven Swanson
Dissertation Title: Building Reliable Software for Persistent Memory
Current Employment: Google; Mountain View, CA; Hardware Engineer
home page Email: luz017 at ucsd dot edu