Graduating PhD's in 2018-2019

Alric Althoff

Advisor: Ryan Kastner
Dissertation Title: "Statistical Metrics of Hardware Security" 
Current Employment: Leidos; San Diego, CA; Research Scientist
home page Email: aalthoff at ucsd dot edu

Omid Assare

Advisor: Rajesh Gupta
Dissertation Title: "Performance Analysis of Timing-Speculative Processors"
Current Employment: Cadence Design Systems; San Jose, CA; Lead Software Engineer
home page Email: omid at ucsd dot edu

Dimitar Bounov

Advisor: Sorin Lerner
Dissertation Title: "Toward Gamification and Crowdsourcing of Software Verification"
Current Employment: Consensys; New York City, NY; Software Engineer
Email: dbounov at ucsd dot edu


Eric Christiansen

Advisor: Serge Belongie
Dissertation Title: "From Local Descriptors to in silico Labeling"
Current Employment: Google; Mountian View, CA; Senior Software Engineer 
home page Email: ericmartinchristiansen at gmail dot com

Joseph Deblasio

Advisor: Alex Snoeren 
Dissertation Title: "Countering Financially-Motivated Malicious Actors on the Internet"
Current Employment: Google; Mountain View, CA; Software Engineer
home page Email: mdeblasi at ucsd dot edu

Louis Dekoven

Advisor: Stefan Savage and Geoff Voelker 
Dissertation Title: "Addressing Device Compromise from the Perspective of Large Organizations"
Current Employment: Facebook; Washington DC; Security Engineer
home page Email: ldekoven at ucsd dot edu

Jeff Ellen

Advisor: Charles Elkan
Dissertation Title: "Improving Biological Object Classification in Plankton Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks, Geometric Features, and Context Metadata"
Current Employment: SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific; San Diego, CA; Research Scientist
Email: jellen at ucsd dot edu

Zhou Fang

Advisor: Rajesh Gupta 
Dissertation Title: "Multi-Tenant Mobile Offloading Systems for Real-Time Computer Vision Applications"
Current Employment: Google; Mountian View, CA; Software Engineer
home page Email: zhf010 at ucsd dot edu

Brown Farinholt

Advisor: Kirill Levchenko  
Dissertation Title: "Understanding the Remote Access Trojan Malware Ecosystem Through the Lens of the Infamous DarkComet RAT"
Current Employment: Google; Sunnyvale, CA; Software Engineer
home page Email: bfarinho at ucsd dot edu

Chunbin Lin

Advisor: Yannis Papakonstantino 
Dissertation Title: "Accelerationg Analytic Queries on Compressed Data"
Current Employment: Amazon; Palo Alto, CA; Software Development Engineer
home page Email: lichunbi at amazon dot com

Jeng-Hau Lin

Advisor: Rajesh Gupta and Zhuowen Tu
Dissertation Title: "Resource Efficient and Error Resilient Neural Networks"
Current Employment: Qualcomm; San Diego, CA; Graphic Research Engineer
home page Email: jel252 at ucsd dot edu

Atieh Lotfi

Advisor: Rajesh Gupta 
Dissertation Title: "Fault-susceptibility Mitigation and Efficient Use of Resources in Programmable Hardware Accelerators"
Current Employment: NVIDIA Corporation; Santa Clara, CA; Computer Architecture Engineer
home page Email: alotfi at ucsd dot edu

Sergio Martin

Advisor: Scott Baden 
Dissertation Title: "MATE, a Unified Model for Communication-Tolerant Scientific Applications"
Current Employment: ETH Zurich; Zurich, Switzerland; Post-Doc Fellowship
home page Email: smm014 at ucsd dot edu

James Morton

Advisor: Robin Knight 
Dissertation Title: "Making Sense of Microbial Populations from Representative Samples"
Current Employment: Simons Foundation, New York, NY; Research Fellow
Email: jmorton at ucsd dot edu

Vasiliki Papavasileiou

Advisor: Alin Deutsch & Kenneth Yocum
Dissertation Title: "Declarative Management of Big Graph Analytics"
Prospective Employment: TBA
home page Email: vpapavas at ucsd dot edu

Daniel Peroni

Advisor: Tajana Rosing
Dissertation Title: "Approximate Computing for GPGPU Acceleration"
Current Employment: Microsoft; Bellevue, WA; Software Engineer
home page Email: dperoni at ucsd dot edu

Dustin Richmond

Advisor: Ryan Kastner
Dissertation Title: "Hardware Development for Non-Hardware Engineers"
Current Employment: University of Washington; Seattle, WA; Post-Doc
Email: drichmon at ucsd dot edu

Valentin Robert

Advisor: Sorin Lerner
Dissertation Title: "Front-end Tooling for Building and Maintaining Dependently-typed Functional Programs"
Current Employment: Galois, Inc; Portland, OR; Member of Technical Staff
home page Email: vrobert at ucsd dot edu

Justin Tantiongloc 

Advisor: Todd Coleman & William Griswold 
Dissertation Title: "Scalable Measure Transportation and Applications in Machine Learning and Human Computer Interfaces"
Current Employment: Perceive; Fremont, CA; Senior Engineer
Email: jtantion at ucsd dot edu

Ashish Venkat 

Advisor: Dean Tullsen 
Dissertation Title: "Breaking the ISA Barrier in Modern Computing" 
Current Employment: University of Virginia; Charlottesville, VA; Assistant Professor
home page Email: asvenkat at ucsd dot edu

Sharad Vikram

Advisor: Sanjoy Dasgupta
Dissertation Title: "Bayesian Structured Representation Learning"
Current Employment: Google; San Francisco, CA; Software Engineer/Researcher
home page Email: svikram at ucsd dot edu

Jianguo Wang 

Advisor: Yannis Papakonstantino and Steven Swanson
Dissertation Title: Query Processing of Sorted Lists on Modern Hardware
Current Employment: Amazon; Palo Alto, CA; Software Engineer
home page Email: jiw150 at ucsd dot edu

Saining Xie

Advisor: Zhuowen Tu
Dissertation Title: Deep Representation Learning with Induced Structural Priors
Current Employment: Facebook; Menlo Park, CA; Research Scientist 
home page Email: sax001 at ucsd dot edu

Konstantinos Zarifis

Advisor: William Griswold and Yannis Papakonstantino
Dissertation Title: "Facilitating the Development of Analytical Dashboards on the Web"
Current Employment: Amazon; Palo Alto, CA; Software Development Engineer
Email: kozarifi at ucsd dot edu

Keliang "Kevin" Zhao 

Advisor: Yannis Papakonstantino 
Dissertation Title: "Data Management Issues and Optimizations in an Ajax Application Framework"
Prospective Employment: TBA
home page Email: kezhao at ucsd dot edu