graduate course home pages spring 2023

This page contains links to the CSE graduate class home pages for the current quarter. Please note that some class web pages may still be under construction.

Undergraduate class home pages for the current quarter are also available.

CSE graduate course descriptions and CSE undergraduate course descriptions are available on-line as well.

Spring 2023

Course Name Course Number
Logic in Computer Science CSE205A - Vianu
Modern Cryptography CSE207A - Bellare
Adv Topic/Software Engineering CSE218 - Griswold
Design at Large CSE219 - Park
Machine Learning CSE220 - Dasgupta
ComputerCommunication Networks CSE222A - Porter
Computer Security CSE227 - section A
Tops/Seminar/Computer Systems CSE229A - Zhang
Tops/Seminar/Computer Security CSE229C - Heninger
Scalable Data Analysis CSE230 - Nguyen
Compiler Construction CSE231 - Politz
Design Automation&Prototyping CSE237D - Kastner
Topics/Seminar in Databases CSE239A - Vianu
Top/Sem/Programming Languages CSE239B - Coblenz
Comp Aid Circuit Sim & Verifct CSE245 - Cheng
Topics/Seminar in VLSI CSE249B - Kahng
ML: Learning Algorithms CSE251A - Shang
ML: Neural Ntwrks/Pttrn Recogn CSE251B - Yu
Advanced Computer Vision CSE252D - Chandraker
Data Mining & Analytics CSE255 - Freund
Statistical Natural Lang Proc CSE256 - Nakashole
Data Science Capstone Design 2 CSE260B - Altintas De Callaf
Computational Photography CSE273 - Ochoa
Healthcare Robotics CSE276D - Riek
Robotic Sys Design & Implemnt CSE276E - Swanson
Genomics/proteomics/netwk biol CSE283 - Bafna
Sem/Computer Sci & Engineering CSE290 - Bafna
Sem/Computer Sci & Engineering CSE290 - Chern
Sem/Computer Sci & Engineering CSE290 - Kastner
Sem/Computer Sci & Engineering CSE290 - Gao
Sem/Computer Sci & Engineering CSE290 - Tullsen
Sem/Computer Sci & Engineering CSE290 - Christensen
Sem/Computer Sci & Engineering CSE290 - Elsherif
Sem/Computer Sci & Engineering CSE290 - section H
Sem/Computer Sci & Engineering CSE290 - Berg-Kirkpatrick
Top/Computer Sci & Engineering CSE291 - Muller
Top/Computer Sci & Engineering CSE291 - Savage
Top/Computer Sci & Engineering CSE291 - Pannuto
Top/Computer Sci & Engineering CSE291 - Bandeira
Top/Computer Sci & Engineering CSE291 - Chern
Top/Computer Sci & Engineering CSE291 - Dasgupta
Top/Computer Sci & Engineering CSE291 - section G
Top/Computer Sci & Engineering CSE291 - Soosai Raj
Top/Computer Sci & Engineering CSE291 - Shang
Top/Computer Sci & Engineering CSE291 - Weibel
Research Meeting in CSE CSE294 - Voelker
Research Meeting in CSE CSE294 - Orailoglu