graduate course home pages fall 2021

This page contains links to the CSE graduate class home pages for the current quarter. Please note that some class web pages may still be under construction.

Undergraduate class home pages for the current quarter are also available.

CSE graduate course descriptions and CSE undergraduate course descriptions are available on-line as well.

Fall 2021

Course Name Course Number
Python for Data Anlaysis CSE200 - Altintas De Callaf
Computability and Complexity CSE200 - Lovett
Algorithm Design and Analysis CSE202 - Paturi
Algorithm Design and Analysis CSE202 - Paturi
Data Integration and ETL CSE203 - Gupta
Lattice Algorithms & Applictns CSE206A - Micciancio
Top/Sem/Algrthms,Complxty&Logc CSE209A - Lovett
Principle/Software Engineering CSE210 - Griswold
Adv Topic/Software Engineering CSE218 - section A
Operating Systems CSE221 - Zhou
Computer Security CSE227 - Savage
Tops/Seminar/Computer Systems CSE229A - Zhang
Principles/Program Languages CSE230 - Jhala
Principles/Program Languages CSE230 - Jhala
Principles/Data Base Systems CSE232 - Papakonstantinou
Data Systems for ML CSE234 - Kumar
Validation&Testing/EmbeddedSys CSE237C - Kastner
Topics/Seminar in Databases CSE239A - Kumar
Top/Sem/Programming Languages CSE239B - Lerner
Princ/Computer Architecture CSE240A - Zhao
Intr Synthesis Method VLSI CAD CSE243A - Orailoglu
Topics/Seminar in VLSI CSE249B - Kahng
Beyond Relational Data Models CSE250 - Deutsch
Probabilistic Reason&Learning CSE250A - Saul
Computer Vision I CSE252A - Ochoa
Search and Optimization CSE257 - Gao
Recommender Sys&Web Mining CSE258 - section A
Recommender Sys&Web Mining CSE258 - McAuley
Recommender Sys&Web Mining CSE258 - McAuley
Seminr/Artificial Intelligence CSE259 - Dasgupta
Parallel Computation CSE260 - section A
Selected Topics in Graphics CSE274 - Ramamoorthi
Introduction to Robotics CSE276A - Christensen
Mathematics for Robotics CSE276C - Christensen
Complexity & Large-Scale Systm CSE278A - Sorenson
Architecture Lunch CSE290 - Tullsen
Case Studies in Data Science CSE290 - Altintas De Callaf
Usable Security and Privacy CSE291 - Munyaka/Sherman
Faculty Research Seminar CSE292 - Munyaka/Sherman
Research Meeting in CSE CSE294 - Porter