Embedded Systems and Software


The embedded systems and software group at UCSD is part of the Computer Science and Engineering department and spans research in various aspects of embedded systems hardware and software, particularly for microelectronic implementations. Our current projects include innovative processor architectures, VLSI design automation for billion-scale microelectronic systems-on-chip, aggressive parallelization techniques, architectural modeling and compiler optimizations for multiprocessor heterogenous architectures, fault-tolerance and manufacturing test for microscale and nanoscale devices, ultra low-power hardware and software designs, applications programming, systems software for sensor networks and systems, reconfigurable computing, and novel non-traditional embedded system architectures.

The Core Laboratories and Faculty

The embedded systems and software group is composed of three core laboratories and is affiliated with other labs in the computer science and engineering department, the electrical computer and engineering department, and CalIT2. Please check out each of the lab web pages for current news, publications, research projects, and contact information.

Rajesh Gupta

Microelectronic Embedded Systems Laboratory

The Microelectronic Embedded Systems Laboratory is led by Professor Rajesh Gupta and is interested in most aspects of embedded computer systems and sensor networks. Some of our current focus is on energy efficiency across subsystems, location-aware computing, embedded sensor network and actuation, high level synthesis for system-on-chip designs, and developing novel systems using non-volatile memories.

Tajana Rosing

System Energy Efficiency Laboratory

The System Energy Efficiency Laboratory is led by Professor Tajana Rosing and is concerned with energy efficiency in systems of all sizes, from sensor nodes to data center processors. Our research projects span the range from ultra-low power energy harvested sensor nodes, to thermal modeling and management in system-on-chips, algorithms for power conservation in a wireless healthcare sensor networks and energy management in data centers.

Ryan Kastner

Kastner Group

The Kastner Group is led by Professor Ryan Kastner and is broadly interested in designing future generations of embedded computing systems. Of particular interest are non-traditional computing devices, reconfigurable computing for digital signal processing, and computer systems targeting marine science research.

Affiliated Labs and Faculty

The ESS group also works with other faculty members and their respective labs at UCSD.