Staff Honored for Work with Students with Disabilities

Jun 14, 2016
Viera and Wendi

Undergraduate Advisor Viera Kair (pictured on left) and Intake Advisor Wendi Stephens are being honored for one part of their jobs: serving through the Office of Students with Disabilities (OSD).  They were recognized for outstanding service in providing accommodations to UC San Diego students with disabilities. Bpth were nominated for the honor by the students they helped/

For Kair, it was her second such recognition in a row, after she received the same honor last year as well.  Both were cited because Kair is handing off responsibilities with OSD to Stephens, who is now the primary contact for any CSE students with disabilities. In announcing the news,  CSE's Director of Student Affairs, Lynne Keith-McMullin, noted that "clearly both of them have a huge heart for these students." To MSO Samira Khazai, it was a "well-deserved recognition of [their] hard work in providing exemplary service to our students with disabilities." Among the faculty, staff and students congratulating  Kair and Stephens was Julie Conner, director of the Ph.D. Graduate Program in CSE. "I know how hard you both work on coordinating the OSD accommodations for these  students  so the exams run smoothly," wrote Conner. "You are both superstars in my eyes."