The Newest Deep Minds of UC San Diego’s CSE

Gift from worldwide leader in AI research gives a boost to machine learning graduate students and diversity efforts at CSE
Dec 20, 2021
(r-l) Avni Kothari and Henry Li are CSE master's students studying ML and the second class of DeepMind Fellows.

By Katie E. Ismael


UC San Diego’s Computer Science and Engineering Department (CSE) is proud to introduce the newest class of DeepMind Fellows. These fellowships were made possible by a generous gift from DeepMind, a London-based leader in artificial intelligence (AI) research and how it’s applied in the real world. UC San Diego is currently one of just three universities in the United States, and one of five in North America, selected to participate in this program.

The fellowships are designed to support machine learning (ML) graduate students. Students from cultural, racial, linguistic, geographic and socioeconomic backgrounds and genders who are underrepresented in ML graduate education are encouraged to apply. DeepMind Fellows receive two-year fellowships that cover tuition along with a stipend, a travel grant and access to a DeepMind mentor. DeepMind also made a one-time gift to CSE’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiative.

Meet CSE’s DeepMind Fellows (all CSE master’s students studying ML):

Avni Kothari

Degrees in Economics and Math, minor in Computer Science
University of Texas at Austin
Formerly worked as a software engineer consultant and at a company that creates education software for incarcerated individuals

“I am grateful for all the resources DeepMind provides us. The events with other scholars and industry leaders are motivating and thought provoking, providing me with different perspectives on open problems in AI while challenging my future goals.

I am passionate about the intersection of technology and social good. I am currently interested in trustworthiness and privacy in AI. After my master’s degree, I am considering a PhD in one of these fields. My mentor will be an invaluable resource in helping me weigh my options and give me advice on how I can progress as a researcher.”

Henry Li

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Formerly a technology consultant and a full-time educator

“This fellowship has given me a unique opportunity to explore different topics in AI and ML and to meet students, mentors, and professionals not only at UC San Diego but from around the world. The DeepMind Scholars network is expansive and everyone has unique backgrounds and ambitions.

My vision for the future is a world where all students are able to get a personalized education regardless of their background. The fellowship gives me an opportunity to work with professors, thought leaders and other fellows to conduct research on recommender systems for education.”