Hats Off to CSE’s Graduating Class of 2023

Jun 22, 2023
Outstanding students were honored at the year's End of the Year Celebration

By Kimberley Clementi

UC San Diego’s Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) recognized exceptional students from the Class of 2023 at its End-of-the-Year Celebration on June 9. Students from each academic level were honored for their achievements in research, education, leadership, and contributions to diversity. In all, twenty students crossed the stage to receive a CSE award and a well-deserved moment in the spotlight.

“Today we get to celebrate many students’ extraordinary accomplishments. It's amazing and inspiring to see just how our department is shaped by everyone who is part of it,” said CSE professor and Vice Chair for Undergraduate Education Mia Minnes at the start of the ceremony.

CSE faculty and staff congratulated the entire graduating Class of 2023, with a special acknowledgement to the department’s award winners.

CSE Doctoral Award for Excellence were given to five PhD students: Alyssa Kubota and Audrey Randall in Research; Sophia Krause-Levy in Teaching; Ben Du in Teaching and in Service and Leadership; and Mary Anne Smart in Contributions to Diversity. In addition, Khalil Mirini and Zhengqin Li earned CSE’s Doctoral Dissertation Award.

CSE Masters Award for Excellence went to four deserving students: Rachel Lim in Research, Jerry Yu in Teaching, Niha Bhaskar in Service and Leadership, and Pratik Ratadiya in Contributions to Diversity. An Honorable Mention in Teaching was awarded to Harsh Gondaliya.

CSE Undergraduate Award for Excellence was given to six undergraduates: Mark Barbone and Quanling Zhao in Research; Alessia Welch in Teaching; Thomas Rexin and Stone Tao in Service and Leadership; and Audria Saravia Montalvo in Contributions to Diversity. Lexseal Lin received an Honorable Mention in Teaching, and Ryan Lay received the Alice Y. Wu Memorial Award.

CSE’s Yash Shah was also recognized during the celebration. Shah earned the highly coveted 2023 Award of Excellence in computer science from the Jacobs School of Engineering. He was honored at the JSOE’s Ring Ceremony held June 17.

A celebratory lunch followed the awards presentation, while a separate commencement and celebration hosted by the Alumni Advisory Board was held for undergraduates a week later.