CSE Welcomes Four New Faculty Members 

Oct 8, 2020
New CSE faculty members Top Row: Carlos Jensen, Tzu-Mao Li Bottom Row: Rose Yu, Kristen Vaccaro

Four new faculty members will be joining the community of distinguished scholars and teachers at the UC San Diego Computer Science and Engineering Department over the next two academic years. 

“I am pleased to welcome these new faculty members who will join the ranks of acclaimed CSE faculty dedicated to impactful research, serving our students and improving society. They will also help further our important mission to foster a diverse and inclusive community,” said CSE Department Chair Sorin Lerner. 

New CSE faculty members include:

(Joining this academic year)


Carlos Jensen, Associate Professor and UC San Diego Associate Vice Chancellor, Educational Innovation 

Jensen’s research lies at the intersection between usability and software engineering, with an emphasis on studying how Open Source communities operate and organize, and the tools and processes needed to make them more efficient. His recent work uses automated testing techniques to help developers improve the reliability of large and complex open source software.

Previously: Associate Dean, Oregon State University

Ph.D.: Georgia Institute of Technology



Kristen Vaccaro, Assistant Professor

Vaccaro focuses on how to design machine learning systems to give users a sense of agency and control. She found that some existing ways of providing control for social media can function as placebos, increasing user satisfaction even when they do not work. She will help develop systems to give users control and oversight, and ethical guidelines and policies.

Previously: Research assistant, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Ph.D.: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign



Rose Yu, Assistant Professor

The goal of Yu’s research is to advance machine learning and enable interpretable, efficient and robust large-scale spatiotemporal reasoning. Her work has been successfully applied to solve challenging domain problems in sustainability, health and physical sciences.

Previously: Assistant professor, Northeastern University

Ph.D.: University of Southern California





(Joining 2021-2022 AY) 

Tzu-Mao Li, Assistant Professor 

Li connects classical computer graphics and image processing algorithms with modern data-driven methods to facilitate physical exploration. His work added 3D understanding to computer vision models; used data to improve camera imaging pipeline quality; and made light transport simulation faster by using information implicitly defined by rendering programs.

Previously: Postdoctoral Researcher, UC Berkeley and MIT

Ph.D.: Massachusetts Institute of Technology