CSE Lecturer Wins Campus Academic Integrity Award

Apr 16, 2015

CSE Prof. Gary Gillespie says it was an honor just to be nominated this year for the Academic Integrity Faculty Award, but this year it was much more than that: He is one of two UC San Diego faculty members to win the 2015 Integrity Award. It was announced on April 14 along with staff and student honors at the 5th Annual Integrity Awards Ceremony in the Student Services Center. The award is presented to a faculty member who has contributed significantly to creating a culture of academic integrity through research, teaching and/or service. Gillespie is the second CSE lecturer and teaching professor selected for the honor, after Paul Kube won the same award two years ago.

[Pictured at right: Gillespie receiving his award from Executive Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs Suresh Subramani; below, he gets moral support from fellow teaching professors Leo Porter and Rick Ord.]

Gillespie considers himself a strong supporter of academic integrity for many years, having sent many students through the process. "I talk with them in my office and try to help them make better decisions for the betterment of their future," he adds. "It's not always a pleasant process, but if students can better consider their decisions, they'll be better ambassadors from UC San Diego when they eventually graduate."

It may have been a sign of his diligence and attention to his students that Gillespie ended up arriving late to the award ceremony itself, because he had to finish teaching his Software Engineering class. "All year I've been spending all my time teaching classes," said Gillespie. "It's really an all-consuming task with hundreds of students, a large staff of tutors, and much to orchestrate."

Gillespie is now looking forward to summer when school isn't in session. He will head back to iboss Network Solutions, the company founded and led by CSE alumnus Paul Martini (BS '01), where he will work as a consultant over the summer, before returning to the classroom in the fall.

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