Undergraduate Research


Photographer: Alireza Khodamoradi; Subject: Antonella Wilby; SphereCam Researcher/Designer: Antonella Wilby

CSE undergraduate students are encouraged to collaborate on projects and research with faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students.  Participating in research allows students to:

  • Get a hands-on experience
  • Make connections with faculty
  • Explore a specific area of interest
  • Develop academic and career goals
  • Prepare for education beyond an undergraduate degree

Students may receive course credit by enrolling into CSE 199 - Independent Study or CSE 198-Directed Group Study.  Students should see their appropriate degree program requirements for CSE 198/199 Elective information.  




CSE Faculty Projects and Programs for Undergraduates

  • Early Research Scholars Program: A team-based research apprentice experience for computer science and engineering majors in their second year of the program.  Students work in teams of four, and each team is matched with an active research project in the department.  Students learn about research in computer science and then propose and carry out an independent research project over the course of an academic year.
  • Engineers for Exploration: Various projects related to ecology, biology, cultural heritage, and archaeology.  More information on how to join these projects.  
  • Kastner Research Group: Projects related to designing future embedded computing systems.  See projects page for more details. Contact Prof. Kastner directly to get involved.
  • UC San Diego's Starcave  with Prof. Jurgen Schulze:  Students interested in working with Prof. Schulze must email him at jschulze@eng.ucsd.edu. Prerequisite CSE 167 is required.
  • UC San Diego's Design Lab with Prof. Scott Klemmer's current PhD students (ongoing projects throughout the academic year).
  • Ubicomp Lab with Dr. Weibel:  research related to human-centered and ubiquitous computing for health and healthcare. Projects will be using ubiquitous computing technology (sensors, cameras, AR/VR, wearables, etc.). See student projects web page for details.