Start-up Packages

Start-up packages for new faculty members are broken down into several components:

  • Removal expenses, to help pay the cost of moving the faculty member, his or her family, and their furnishings to San Diego;
  • A Relocation allowance, to assist new faculty members in meeting their individual housing needs; and
  • Research support

The details of each start-up package are enumerated in the faculty member's individual offer letter.

Research support typically has two or more components, an equipment-only component and a non-restricted component. Effective 2002, some start-up packages further break down the non-restricted component, specifying dollar amounts for student support (i.e. fellowships, stipends, etc.). The sum of these components is intended to meet the Dean's obligation for all expenses including equipment, renovations and installations, travel, graduate, post-graduate, and staff salaries, fringe benefits, lab and office supplies and expenses, campus recharges and summer salary for the faculty member. It is expected that new faculty will use their start-up equipment funds to leverage new equipment proposals as much as possible. Faculty summer salary total expenditures will be limited in dollar amount to a maximum of 4/9ths of the initial appointment salary and must be utilized within four years, never more than 2/9ths in any one year. Other than for summer salary, there will be no time limit set for the new faculty member to expend these funds.

See Jacobs School Information for New faculty for additional information.

For faculty members who joined the Jacobs School before July 1997, see Start-Up Funding Prior To July 1, 1997.