undergraduate course home pages summer session 2 2020

This page contains links to the CSE undergraduate class home pages for the current quarter. Please note that some class web pages may still be under construction.

CSE undergraduate course descriptions and CSE graduate course descriptions are available on-line as well.

Summer Session 2 2020

Course Name Course Number
Introduction to Programming I CSE5A - Miranda
Intro/Computer Sci: Java (I) CSE8A - section A
Intr/Computer Sci&Obj-Ori:Java CSE11 - Miranda
Intro/Discrete Mathematics CSE20 - Bach
Math/Algorithm&Systems Analys CSE21 - Braun
Math/Algorithm&Systems Analys CSE21 - Bach
Computer Organiz&Systms Progrm CSE30 - Cao
Computer Organiz&Systms Progrm CSE30 - Cao
Design & Analysis of Algorithm CSE101 - Braun
Online Database Analytics Appl CSE135 - Powell
Intro/Computer Architecture CSE141 - Eldon
Intro/Computer Architecture CSE141 - Tseng
Project/Computer Architecture CSE141L - Eldon
Project/Computer Architecture CSE141L - Tseng
AI: Probabilistic Models CSE150A - Geumlek
Topics/Computer Sci & Engineer CSE190 - Kumar