Undergraduate Course Home Pages Summer Session 1 2020

This page contains links to the CSE undergraduate class home pages for the current quarter. Please note that some class web pages may still be under construction.

Summer Session 1 2020

Course Name Course Number
Introduction to Programming I CSE5A - Miranda
Intr/Computer Sci&Obj-Ori:Java CSE11 - Miranda
Intr/Computer Sci&Obj-Ori:Java CSE11 - Cao
Intr/Computer Sci&Obj-Ori:Java CSE11 - August
Intro/Discrete Mathematics CSE20 - Jones
Intro/Discrete Mathematics CSE20 - Jones
Computer Organiz&Systms Progrm CSE30 - Cao
Computer Organiz&Systms Progrm CSE30 - Muller
Advanced Data Structures CSE100 - Valstar
Design & Analysis of Algorithm CSE101 - section A
Web Client Languages CSE134B - Powell
Component&Desgn Tech/Digtl Sys CSE140 - Eldon
Component&Desgn Tech/Digtl Sys CSE140 - Chin
Digital Systems Laboratory CSE140L - Eldon
Digital Systems Laboratory CSE140L - Chin
AI: Probabilistic Models CSE150A - Geumlek
Topics/Computer Sci & Engineer CSE190 - Kumar
Topics/Computer Sci & Engineer CSE190 - Dubnov