Graduating PhDs in 2012-2013

Steven Branson

Advisor:  Serge Belongie
Dissertation Title: Interactive Learning and Prediction Algorithms For Computer Vision Applications
Current Employment: Caltech; Pasadena, CA; Postdoc
home page   Email: sbranson at caltech dot edu

Adrian Caulfield

Advisor:  Steven Swanson
Dissertation Title: Moneta: A Storage System for Fast Non-Volatile Memories
Current Employment: Microsoft; Redmond, WA; Senior Research HDE
home page   Email: acaulfie at ucsd dot edu

Laura Caulfield

Advisor:  Steven Swanson
Dissertation Title: Symbiotic Solid State Drives: Management of Modern Flash Devices
Current Employment: Microsoft; Redmond, WA; Software Development Engineer
home page   Email: lgrupp at ucsd dot edu

Liang Chen

Advisor:  Yannis Papakonstantinou
Dissertation Title: Context-sensitive Ranking
Current Employment: Microsoft Research Asia; Beijing, China; Researcher
home page   Email: lic010 at cs dot ucsd dot edu

Mingjing Chen

Advisor:  Alex Orailoglu
Dissertation Title: Tackling Nanoscale IC Failures Through Noise-aware Testing and Silicon Debugging
Current Employment: Broadcom; San Diego, CA; Staff IC Design Engineer
home page   Email: mjchen at cs dot ucsd dot edu

Barry Demchak

Advisor: Ingolf Krueger
Dissertation Title: Policy Driven Development: SOA Evolvability through Late Binding
Current Employment: UCSD Medical School; La Jolla, CA; Chief Software Architect
home page   Email: idekerlab at gmail dot com

Nathan Farrington

Advisor: Amin Vahdat
Dissertation Title: Optics in Data Center Network Architecture
Current Employment: Rockley Photonics Inc.; Pasadena, CA; Director of Softwar & System Architecture 
home page   Email: nathan dot farrington at rockleyphotonics dot com

Saturnino Garcia

Advisor: Michael B. Taylor
Dissertation Title: A Practical Oracle for Sequence Code Parallelization
Current Employment:  University of San Diego; San Diego, CA; Visiting Assistant Professor
home page   Email: sat at cs dot ucsd dot edu

Donghwan Jeon

Advisor: Michael Taylor
Dissertation Title: Parallel Speedup Estimates for Serial Programs
Current Employment: Google Seattle; Seattle, WA; Software Engineer
home page   Email: djeon at cs dot ucsd dot edu

Md Kamruzzaman

Advisors: Dean Tullsen & Steven Swanson
Dissertation Title: Architecture Aware Software Techniques to Improve Application Performance in Parallel Systems
Current Employment: Hitachi Global Storage Technology Research; San Jose, CA; Research Staff 
home page   Email: mkamruzz at cs dot ucsd dot edu

Christopher Kanan

Advisor:  Garrison Cottrell, Terrence Sejnowski
Dissertation Title: In Defense of Brain-Inspired Cognitive Models
Current Employment: Rochester Institute of Technology; Rochester, NY; Assit. Professor
home page   Email: christopher dot kanan at rit dot edu

Alden King

Advisor: Scott Baden
Dissertation Title: Compile-time Optimization of a Scientific Library through Domain-Specific Source-to-Source Translation
Current Employment: Google; Irvine CA; Software Engineer
home page   Email: apking at cs dot ucsd dot edu

Vasileios Kontorinis

Advisor: Dean Tullsen
Dissertation Title: Adaptive Architecture for Peak Power Management
Current Employment: Google; Mountain View, CA; Software Engineer
home page   Email: vkontori at cs dot ucsd dot edu

Vinh The Lam

Advisor: George Varghese
Dissertation Title: Scalable Traffic Management for Data Centers and Logging Devices
Current Employment: Google; Mountan View, CA; Software Engineer
home page   Email: vtlam at cs dot ucsd dot edu

John C. McCullough

Advisor: Alex C. Snoeren
Dissertation Title: Energy Efficiency and Data Center Systems
Current Employment: Google; Mountan View, CA; Software Engineer
home page   Email: jmccullo at cs dot ucsd dot edu

Massimiliano Menarini

Advisor: Ingolf Krueger
Dissertation Title: Composing Crosscutting Concerns: A Service-Oriented View
Current Employment:  UCSD CSE; San Diego, CA; Researcher
home page   Email:mamenari at ucsd dot edu

Aditya Menon

Advisor: Charles Elkan
Dissertation Title: Latent Feature Models for Dyadic Prediction
Current Employment:  NICTA Canberra Research Lab; New South Wales, Australia; Researcher in Machine Learning Group
home page   Email: aditya dot menon at nicta dot com dot au

Petros Mol

Advisor: Daniele Micciancio
Dissertation Title: Improving Cryptographic Constructions Using Coding Theory
Current Employment: Google; New York City, NY; Software Engineer IV
home page   Email: petrosmol at gmail dot com

Radhika Niranjan Mysore

Advisor: Amin Vahdat
Dissertation Title: Automated Scalable Mangement of Data Center Networks
Current Employment: Google; Mountainview, CA; Software Engineer
Email: radhikan at gmail dot com

Alexander Rasmussen

Advisor: Amin Vahdat
Dissertation Title: I/O-Efficient Data-Intensive Computing
Current Employment: Trifacta; San Francisco, CA; Senior Software Engineer
home page   Email: alexras at trifacta dot com 

Patrick M. Rondon

Advisor: Ranjit Jhala
Dissertation Title: Liquid Types
Current Employment: Google; New York City, NY; Software Engineer
home page   Email: pat dot rondon at gmail dot com 

Paul Ruvolo

Advisor: Garrison Cottrell
Dissertation Title: A Computational Approach to the Study of Social Interaction
Current Employment: Olin College of Engineering, Dept. of CS; Needham, MA; Assit. Prof
home page   Email: paul dot ruvolo at olin dot edu

Ross Tate

Advisor: Sorin Lerner
Dissertation Title: Equality Saturation: Using Equational Reasoning to Optimize Imperative Functions
Current Employment: Cornell University; Ithaca, NY; Assistant Professor
home page   Email: ross at cs dot cornell dot edu

Cuong Tran

Advisor: Mohan Trivedi (ECE)
Dissertation Title: Human Machine Interactivity Using Vision-based Posture Analysis at Multiple Levels
Current Employment: Honda Research Institute; Mountain View, CA; Scientist
home page   Email: trancuong at gmail dot com 

Andrea Vattani

Advisor: Ramamohan Paturi
Dissertation Title: Algorithmic Modeling of Decision Making over Networks
Current Employment: Spiketrap; San Francisco, CA; Co-Founder/Partner
home page   Email: avattani at cs dot ucsd dot edu

Nakul Verma

Advisor: Sanjoy Dasgupta
Dissertation Title: Learning From Data With Low Intrinsic Dimension
Current Employment: Howard Hughes Medical Inst. Janelia Research Campus; Ashburn, VA; Research Specialist
home page   Email: naverma at cs dot ucsd dot edu

Meg Walraed-Sullivan

Advisors: Amin Vahat & Keith Marzullo
Dissertation Title: Scalable, Efficient, and Fault-Tolerant Data Center
Current Employment: Space Exploration Technologies; Hawthorne, CA; Engineer 
home page   Email: megwalraedsullivan at gmail dot com 

Kai Wang

Advisor: Serge Belongie
Dissertation Topic: Word Spotting in the Wild
Current Employment: Google; Los Angeles, CA; Software Engineer
home page   Email: shiaokai at gmail dot com 

Shih-Hung Weng

Advisor:  CK Cheng
Dissertation Title: Circuit Simulation via Matrix Exponential Method
Current Employment: Facebook; Menlo Park, CA; Research Scientist
Email: s2weng at ucsd dot edu

Jacob Whitehill

Advisor: Garrison Cottrell
Dissertation Title: A Stochastic Optimal Control Perspective on Affect-sensitive Teaching
Current Employment: Harvard Univ.; Cambridge, MA; Research Fellow
home page   Email: jwhitehi at cs dot ucsd dot edu   

Celal Ziftci

Advisor: Ingolf Krueger
Dissertation Title: Mining Test Cases To Improve Software Maintenance
Current Employment: Google; New York; Software Development Engineer
Email: cziftci at cs dot ucsd dot edu  

Gjergji Zyba

Advisor:  Geoffrey Voelker
Dissertation Title: Mobile Malware Propagation and Defense
Current Employment: TBA
home page   Email: gyzba at cs dot ucsd dot edu