Budget Justification Worksheet

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PI to format by editing red data. (Last updated: 1/28/04)

Budget Justification

Projected indirect cost rates are 52%.

A. Senior Personnel

PI X is requesting X months of summer salary in each year of the project. PI X is requesting equivalent of Y% of his (her) annual academic salary to compensate for the time the PI will devote to the project.

For "major project" qualified proposals omit the last sentence above and add the following:

This is a major project beyond the routine, requiring extensive data accumulation, analysis and entry. As a result, 15% of a Project Assistant is required. The Project Assistant will compile and enter data, coordinate required protocols, serve as liaison with collaborating faculty, departments and agency project offices, provide typing expertise in manuscript preparation, oversee personnel and purchasing matters related to the project, utilize administrative skills in assisting the research of the project, and advise the PI on administrative problems. Additionally, corresponding expenses including photocopying, telecommunications, computer services, mailing and postage, are also necessary for reporting and publication purposes, as they directly benefit the project.

B. Other Personnel

It is proposed that X graduate students be supported for X months.

Cost of living and merit increases have been projected in years 2 and 3.

C. Fringe Benefits

Fringe benefits have been listed at the current rate for each salaried employee. These figures include tuition remission for graduate students at the rate of $X per month the first year, $X per month the second and $X per month in the third year. Tuition Remission total in year 1 $X, in year 2 $X and in year 3 $X.

D. Equipment

Includes the purchase of 2 widgets at a cost of $X each needed to accomplish x, y, z goals of the project.

E. Travel

Travel support for the P.I. includes visits to at least two international conferences and to xxxxxxxxxx research meetings. If possible include conference titles, cost, location... airfare, hotel etc. If funds for foreign travel being requested, be sure to indicate foreign travel here.

G. Other Direct Costs

Supplies include copier and printer paper, materials for talk preparation, and software upgrades to be used in conjunction with this research. Charges for telephone directly related to this work have also been included.


Communications/Computing costs have been included for telephone and associated voice and data communications charges which are directly related to the individuals working on the project.

For NIH proposals use the following in place of the two paragraphs above:

Communication, office supplies, mailing, salaries and other costs which otherwise would normally be considered as administrative may be necessary in order to conduct the research as described in this proposal. Such expenditures which are required to be incurred by the project scope and can be specifically identified to the project will be directly charged.

Other direct costs include annual technical support, equipment maintenance, and costs for project-specific support. In each instance, such support is crucial to the accomplishment of this work.

The UCSD CSE department will not directly support research laboratory machines. The technical support requested on this award will allow the researchers to concentrate on their proposed research, rather than system installation and maintenance, such as backups, recovery, software upgrades, network support, printer maintenance, and so on. Costs for software support are calculated at a rate of $X per workstation. (Add here any extra computer HW SW support, equipment)

For DARPA proposals add the following:

In addition, should the award request specialized financial deliverables that are not already included in the overhead cost assessment, the award will be recharged for the time expended by staff in preparing the project-related material.