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Transfer Student Orientation for UC San Diego

This page updated June 26, 2014

CSE Transfer Student Orientation

Watch your @ucsd email account for detailed information, coming mid summer!


Orientation Topics

  • Come learn about our CSE's programs and meet CSE faculty, students, and staff advisors!
  • Learn more about the major programs in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Bioinformatics
  • We will review the prerequisites for CSE courses, AP Credit, and transfer course credit
  • Learn more about becoming a tutor in CSE Classes
  • Get advice on which courses to enroll in first (see also CSE Course Placement Advice)
  • Hear about the combined Bachelor and Master of Science Program
  • Find out about opportunities for undergraduate research in the CSE Department and how to prepare for employment and graduate school (never too early to start planning!)

CSE Academic Advising

We have three CSE Majors Advisors to assist you with getting started. Come see us in the CSE Building, first floor in the CSE Student Affairs Wing or call 858-534-8872 or via email at

  • Viera Kair
  • Ivonne Avila
  • Bianca Ibarra

College Orientations

During summer 2014 (mid-June), you will receive notification from your college with orientation and course enrollment information. Please be sure to visit your colleges website and follow their instructions, before you contact the CSE Department.

UC San Diego Colleges and Orientation Information:

Course Enrollment Dates

Transfer student enrollment is from August 25-August 27.  If you have problems with CSE course enrollment, send email to, or call us at 858-534-8872.


Please remember to submit all official transcripts to the Office of Admissions prior to the deadline of July 1, if you are starting classes in the fall quarter.

Please check to make sure that grades for classes you have completed are submitted. It is your responsibility to ensure that UCSD receives these transcripts.

Call 858/534-8007 to speak with a transcript evaluator if your course grades are not posted on TritonLink.

Course Equivalencies

You must make sure that all of your courses have been transferred by checking your "Academic History" via TritonLink.  

Contact us through "Ask a Question" under the Online Advising tab on the New Student Site, if your transferrable course numbers are listed incorreclty in the Academic History section in TritonLink.  An error like this will keep you from enrolling into other CSE courses.  Use website for course articulations with the California Community College.

You may find that not all of the courses you transferred in are equivalent to UCSD classes. If you transferred in a class that you feel is equivalent to a required course for your major, and the course did not get listed as equivalent to a UCSD course, you will need to submit a petition.

In order to submit a petition for review, you need to complete a general petition form, and attach a copy of the course description for the course that you took at your college. This process can take up to several weeks, so please be sure to submit your petition as early as possible.

California Four-Year Institution or Out of State Transfers: If your UC transferrable courses are NOT approximated (equivalent) to a CSE course per, then please follow the instructions listed in red on the New Student Site.

The courses you completed at your college must be listed as equivalent to UCSD courses, in your Academic History on TritonLink to be counted for your degree requirements.

Email Contact

The Jacobs School of Engineering maintains electronic mailings lists that we use when we need to notify you of course changes, major requirement changes, announcements of important forums, and even job notices, therefore, check your UCSD email account regularly.


A word to the wise: We are very busy during the first two weeks of the quarter (add/drop period), therefore, please plan accordingly. One more point: DO NOT believe every rumor you hear, always check with us first. This will save you a lot of headaches! Believe it or not, the department is a better source of information than your roommate(s) and/or friend(s).

We are here to guide you and make your experience at UCSD a great one! We look forward to seeing you in the fall. In the meantime, enjoy your summer.

Respectfully yours,

Viera Kair, Ivonne Avila and  Bianca Ibarra, (CSE Undergradaute Student Affairs Staff)

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