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The Quick Summary:

CSEhelp ( is the department's IT, computing, building infrastructure, and general support group.  For many issues, you may actually need to contact a different department or campus group, but when in doubt, you can always contact us first and if we can't take care of your issue we can at least triage, research, and point you in the right direction.

Please note that while Facilities/Building Management is part of CSEhelp, this section deals mostly with technical/IT support.  For more on Facilities, see here.

The technology/computing environment used by the people in the CSE department is a mixture of services managed by different groups on campus. "Where to get help" depends on your relationship to the CSE department and what you need help with.  "CSEhelp" is the in-department IT/infrastructure/Facilities group.  You can always treat CSEhelp as a primary go-to for support, and if we aren't the right people for your particular need, we will do our best to point you in the right direction.  Our email address is  This is the address of our trouble-ticket system, and is the best way to reach us.

Help-Request Forms

While you can always send mail the CSE IT and Facilities Maintenance group at, here are help request forms for a couple of common cases:


Self-help information:

Guide to the computing support groups on campus and what general services they provide support for:

CSE Computing Support (CSEHelp)

CSEHelp is the CSE department's IT, Infrastructure, and Facilities group. CSEHelp primarily provides support for staff, faculty and graduate students. If you are not sure who can help you, contact CSEHelp and we will point you in the right direction. The most common areas that CSEHelp can directly help with are:

  • General questions
  • Special projects
  • Wired network connections within the CSE building
  • Printing support
  • Software distribution
  • License management
  • Server room support
  • Ordering consultation for research project and other equipment
  • Audio visual and conference room support
  • Building services (building repair, keys, furniture issues)
  • Lab support for some in-building computing labs (not including the basement instructional labs)
  • Support for CSE's Moodle learning management system
  • Event services
  • Building issues (the building's Facilities Manager is part of CSEhelp)

Web site:

The CSEHelp offices are located on the first floor of the CSE building. Starting in the main lobby on the first floor, go down the hall that leads behind the elevators. You will see a door labeled CSEHelp. Ring the doorbell at that door for assistance. The CSEHelp group is made up of a number of individuals specializing in different technical areas. Where possible, please send E-mail to in advance of stopping by CSEHelp to help ensure that the person who can best help you is available when you arrive.  CSEHelp's normal hours of operation are Monday through Friday 9am through 5pm.

Office of Engineering Computing (OEC) at the Jacobs School Office of Engineering

OEC provides the administrative infrastructure used by faculty, staff and graduate students. The most common areas that OEC can directly help with are:

  • E-mail support (faculty/staff/grads/affiliates... undergraduate students should contact ACMS)
  • Department mailing lists support
  • Calendar support
  • CSE server accounts (login and web services)
  • Department web site technical issues
  • Administrative staff workstation support

Web site:

ITS (Information Technology Services) Service Desk

Information Technology Services is UC San Diego's central IT organization, providing information technology services to support business systems, messaging and collaboration, information security, campus infrastructure, educational technology and researcher needs. Some of the common support areas are:

  • Campus Active Directory account
  • Undergraduate student E-mail
  • Lab support computer labs B210 – B270 and computer labs across campus
  • Printing in labs and elsewhere on campus
  • Support for classrooms outside the CSE building
  • Instructional support for faculty and TAs
  • Support for the TritonEd learning management system
  • Problems with campus business systems
  • Wireless network problems
  • VPN problems

Phone: (858) 246-HELP (4357)
Customer Portal:

Additional support contacts