Mailing Lists

There are a variety of different mailing lists that you will be added to during your time with the CSE department. Some mailing lists will be specific to the CSE department, others will be from the university and others will be from various different groups. Some mailing lists will be lists that you are automatically added to while you are a member of the CSE department and the university. Others are optional mailing lists that you can subscribe to and unsubscribe from as needed.  All CSE-based (as opposed to the wider campus-based lists) are implemented via google groups administered by the Jacobs School of Engineering.  You can contact with questions.

Role based mailing lists

In the CSE department, you will be automatically added to a group mailing list based on what your role in the department is. For example, graduate students will be part of the csegrads mailing list. In addition to being part of a role based mailing list, everyone in the department is part of a global mailing list called csepeople. You may not subscribe or unsubscribe from the role based mailing list or the csepeople mailing list.  This information is not public.  For more information on the department's role based mailing lists, please see the CSE department's internal documentation that applies to your role in the department.

Talks mailing list

Another mailing everyone in the CSE department is subscribed to is the cse-talks mailing list. Talks are a crucial part of your life in the CSE department. It is important that you be aware of and attend some of these talks during your time with the CSE department. Although the cse-talks mailing list can be subscribed to and unsubscribed from by people outside the department who are interested in our talks, all members of the CSE department are automatically subscribed to the cse-talks mailing list with no option to unsubscribe.

Optional CSE department mailing lists

In addition to the above required mailing lists, there are numerous optional mailing lists. Some are related to specific research areas, others are of a more general nature.

You may want to subscribe to one or more of the following common mailing lists to keep you up to date on the various happenings in the CSE department.  At the moment, you will need to contact to subscribe to the mailing lists.

List Description
misc Random discussions within the department (interesting information, requests for help, etc.)
jobs Job postings and discussions about finding jobs
freefood Helps notify you when there is free food to be had within the department

Campus mailing lists

The are a large number of mailing lists at the campus level.  See the link below for a list of available campus mailing lists:

Also consider subscribing to the UCSD Notices and Fliers mailing lists.

Creating your own mailing lists

Instructors can send E-mail to their students through the Class List on Blink.  Instructors can also communicate with their students if they are using the TritonEd or Moodle learning management systems for their class.

Campus mailing lists can be created by following the instructions at

If you would like a Google groups style mailing list, you can contact to have such a list set up.

If you need to need to send out an event invitation, you can make use of Internet services such as evite (