Accounts/Resetting Your Password

You will have a variety of passwords for various services you use while at UCSD. Each of these services will have a different way to reset their password in the event your forget your password or somehow get locked out of your account.

For the most up to date information on reseting campus passwords, see the link below (though more information will follow):

Listed below are some common types of accounts and how you would reset your password for that type of account:

Active directory password

Your active directory account will be used for a variety of services. These services include: wireless network, VPN, logging in to some workstations and servers, logging into some web applications, access to the campus SMTP server from off campus.

To reset your password, go to the following web page:

Business systems password

Your business systems account is used for interacting with the university's business systems web-based applications and various web applications provided by the CSE department and other entities on campus.

This page goes through the details of resetting your business systems password:

If you have never had a business systems account before, you can request a new business systems account by clicking on the New User? link the single sign-on login screen for any business systems applicaiton.  You must be registered as an employee of the university and you must have a social security number on file with the university.  One common problem with activating a business systems account, for people coming from outside the United States, is having an incorrect social security number on file with the university (i.e. your records had not been updated when you received your new social security number).

E-mail password

To reset your Google password, click the Can't access your account? link on the Gmail login screen for information on reseting your Google password.

CSE department password

To log onto various CSE department servers and workstations, you will need a CSE specific password. This password was originally given to you at graduate student orientation or shortly after you arrived if you came to the department at another time. If you know your password and simply want to change it, log into csefast, csegrad or cseguest (whichever computer your account was provisioned on) and use the passwd command to change your password. To reset your CSE password if you forgot it, please bring a picture ID down to the CSEHelp offices. You may also contact the OEC support group at to reset your CSE password.

Research group password

Each research group has a variety of computers used as part of their research. Some of these groups manage their own servers. While others have CSEHelp mange them. If CSEHelp manage your research group servers, you may contact CSEHelp to assist you in reseting your password. If your server is managed by the people in your research group, you will need to find the appropriate people in your research group to help you reset your password.