Xeroxing Policy

A 24-hour turn-around time (excluding weekends and holidays) is generally required for processing copying requests, however staff will make every effort to accommodate last-minute requests. Please also allow additional time for very large requests involving books/journals, copying color slides, and very unusual or complicated copy jobs.

Procedure for Submitting Requests

Located in the back of the mail room to the right of the faculty/staff mail are two boxes marked "xeroxing requests" and "work orders" plus a date/time clock.

  1. Complete a work order, and insert the top edge of the form in the clock for date/time stamping. (Place the form in the open slot that is directly below the face of the clock and then just beneath the red horizontal mark. Clock automatically stamps form with date/time.)
  2. Clip completed work order to the copy job and put it in the xeroxing request box.
  3. Within 24-hours completed jobs will be placed on the shelf to the right of the mail room as you enter. They will be organized alphabetically by last name. You will be responsible for retrieving all copy orders from this location.

Important Notes

  • All items will be copied double-sided unless specified otherwise in the work order.
  • Please give all exams directly to your faculty assistant to insure confidentiality. Once again, exams will also require a 24-hour turn-around time.
  • Should you want to copy the material yourself, there will be a sheet posted near the xerox machine with helpful xeroxing tips. Extra paper will be placed in the supply cabinet located next to the water cooler.
  • You can also have 24-hour access to the Muir copy center which contains one high speed copier. Call Marsha at x44610 to obtain your own personal code to the area. (Please don't share this code with others, as should there be problems in the area, they will download the names of those individuals who entered just prior to the problem.)

Mailroom Copiers

The department-leased copiers is located in copy rooms on each floor (2235, 3205, & 4205). These copier is meant to be used for small copy jobs (generally under 100 copies). Larger copy jobs should be taken to Imprints in Price Center.

A valid UCSD ID with graphics permissions is needed to operate the mailroom copier (usage instructions are posted above the copier). All faculty IDs have been coded to allow copying for graduate and undergraduate course materials (see indexes below), as well as for their departmental $800 allocation. If you would like to add additional indexes that can be used for copying, please contact your Contracts and Grants Administrator.

Who can use the copier in RM 2235?

Only CSE Faculty and Staff can use the xerox machine in RM 2235 (mailroom). Grad students and visitors should use the Imprints copy center in Price Center.