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BS Computer Science Elective Clusters

Updated on February 26, 2014

Students must complete nine upper division elective courses. As part of the nine required electives students must also complete a 3-4 course cluster. This elective cluster will help students pursue their advanced studies more deeply and broadly.

Students admitted before Fall 2010 may also take these clusters. The clusters listed below are approved by the CSE Undergraduate Committee (Ugcom).  Students can also design their own clusters, with approval by the CSE Undergraduate Committee.  Please submit an Undergraduate Student Petition to CSE Student Affairs.

Cluster and Elective Policies for BS Computer Science Program:

  1. All students starting UC San Diego in Fall 2010 must complete one upper division cluster consisting of 3-4 courses, although students may wish to take more courses from the cluster as part of their Technical Elective.
  2. Students may use up to 8 units of CSE 198, CSE 199 or CSE 199H to meet the upper division elective requirement.
  3. Students must complete at least 12 credits of upper division CSE courses, not including CSE 198, CSE 199 or CSE 199H.
  4. Students may take up to 8 units (depending on the major) of the 36 elective units from courses outside of the department.  The list of approved non-CSE courses is found on our Technical Electives page.

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