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Financial Support

Updated September 21, 2015


Doctoral students.  All incoming doctoral students are offered a first-year support package that includes a monthly stipend plus full fees and out-of-state tuition.  The funding source is normally a combination of fellowship and research assistantship (RA).   In future years, the majority of students are supported on research assistantships with their thesis adviser or on fellowships.  Teaching is an important part of doctoral studies, and students will be appointed in a teaching assistantship (TA) for one quarter to fulfill the doctoral program teaching requirement, and sometimes for additional quarters as a source of support.  TA, RA, and fellowships all come with payment of fees and tuition.  Graduate student health insurance premiums are paid as part of fees. 

Masters students.  MS students may apply for teaching assistantships after accepting admission to the program.  Teaching assistantships (TA) normally include a monthly salary plus a significant subsidy to offset nearly the full cost of fees; students are responsible for paying the balance of fees plus any out-of-state tuition.  International students must pass an English Language Proficiency Exam before being hired as a TA.   MS students are encouraged to pursue their research interests, and should ask faculty and other researchers about the possibility of a research assistantship, which may pay salary, fees, and tuition.   

International students.   The International Center or staff in CSE will assist you if you have questions about your eligibility for employment.  Those who are being hired for the first time and who do not yet have a social security number must apply for one.

Resources for all graduate students

  • Fellowships and Scholarships.  Students are encouraged to apply for fellowships and scholarships.  These fellowships confer their own benefits and prestige, and for thesis students they provide more flexibility in choosing a thesis advisor because the adviser does not have to provide support. 
  • Academic Student Employees (Teaching Assistant, Tutor, Reader)
  • Graduate Student Research Positions  
  • Jobs and Internships
    • Many of our students work in local industry during the academic year (mainly MS students) and the summer months (MS and PhD).  San Diego is one of the fastest growing high technology areas in the country, and has been named the "Wireless Capital of the World," and the "#1 place to do business in America," by Forbes magazine. 
    • Graduate Division Financial Support 
    • Jacobs School of Engineering
    • Port Triton, UCSD Career Services Center
    • Financial Aid.  Domestic students may apply for financial aid,  which is administered through the University and is considered separately from department funding. Please visit the Financial Aid Office web site for more information. Students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the financial aid application timeline at the time of program application.
    • CSE receives dozens of notification for short- and long-term positions, and forwards these out to the CSE graduate student mail lists.

Cost of Study, 2015/2016

For the fall-winter-spring academic year, the total registration cost for full-time study is $16,434.63 (fees) for those who are California residents and $31,563.63 (fees and supplemental non-resident tuition) for those who are not California residents. Adult citizens and certain categories of adult aliens may establish residence based on laws and regulations governing California residency The cost of fees includes a student's health insurance plan; insurance for dependants may be purchased.  

Housing Costs

University Housing Services operates apartments for couples, families, and single graduate students. Because University apartments cost  less than comparable private housing, there are usually long waiting lists.  Students are encouraged to get on the wait list as soon as they are eligible to do so.  The cost of off-campus varies dramatically, and it can be difficult to find suitable housing during certain times of the year, especially September. Students should make their housing arrangements well in advance of the start of the school year.   More information:  Housing.