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Girl's Day Out: Women in Computing Reach Out to High School Students

The UC San Diego chapter of the group Women in Computing (WiC) held an outreach event on May 10. The group's second annual Girl's Day Out was an opportunity to engage with approximately 100 girls from San Diego high schools. They toured labs on campus, including the Qualcomm Institute's immersive StarCAVE and TourCAVE virtual-reality environments, and they had the opportunity to do a hands-on experiment in electronics, when they made their own Arduino-powered mood lamps. Among the speakers during the visit were newly-appointed lecturer Mia Minnes, and fellow lecturer and teaching professor Christine Alvarado. Alvarado sought to teach by example with a presentation on "Women in Computer Science: How I became one and why you should be one too." The high school girls also spoke with current students in CSE who are members of Women in Computing -- students who, for the most part, were only a few years out of high school, so they were in a good position to answer questions and provide guidance on how to make the transition into a world-class computer science program. [Pictured: high school students building  mood lamps.]