CSE Graduate Class Home Pages

This page contains links to the CSE graduate class home pages for the current quarter. Please note that some class web pages may still be under construction.

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Spring 2018

Course Name Course Number
Advanced Complexity CSE201A - Impagliazzo
Modern Cryptography CSE207 - Bellare
Top/Sem/Algrthms,Complxty&Logc CSE209A - Impagliazzo
Interaction Design Research CSE216 - Klemmer
Adv Topic/Software Engineering CSE218 - Griswold
Design at Large CSE219 - Klemmer
Machine Learning CSE220 - Vural
Operating Systems CSE221 - Zhou
Distributed Computing&Systems CSE223B - Snoeren
Computer Security CSE227 - Shacham
Tops/Seminar/Computer Systems CSE229A - Savage
Tops/Seminar/Computer Security CSE229C - Levchenko
Data Anl Using Hadoop & Spark CSE230 - Freund
Principles/Data Base Systems CSE232 - Papakonstantinou
Database Theory CSE233 - Vianu
Topics/Seminar in Databases CSE239A - Vianu
Princ/Computer Architecture CSE240A - Porter
Parallel Computer Architecture CSE240B - Chin
Decision and Risk Analysis CSE241 - Sorenson
Algrthmc&Optmztn Fdns VLSI CAD CSE248 - Kahng
Topics/Seminar in VLSI CSE249B - Kahng
Select Topic/Vision & Learning CSE252C - Ochoa
Data Mining & Analytics CSE255 - Freund
Data Mining & Analytics CSE255 - Freund
Seminr/Artificial Intelligence CSE259 - Dasgupta
Data Science Capstone Design 2 CSE260B - Altintas De Callaf
Managing Stakeholder Rltnships CSE261 - Sorenson
Patterns/Enterpr Architecting CSE278E - Krueger
AESE Quarterly Team Project CSE279A - Sorenson
Genomics/proteomics/netwk biol CSE283 - Bafna
Sem/Computer Sci & Engineering CSE290 - Chandraker
Sem/Computer Sci & Engineering CSE290 - Cheng
Sem/Computer Sci & Engineering CSE290 - Swanson
Sem/Computer Sci & Engineering CSE290 - Zhao
Top/Computer Sci & Engineering CSE291 - Rosing
Top/Computer Sci & Engineering CSE291 - Swanson
Top/Computer Sci & Engineering CSE291 - Porter
Top/Computer Sci & Engineering CSE291 - Christensen
Top/Computer Sci & Engineering CSE291 - Kumar
Top/Computer Sci & Engineering CSE291 - Kumar
Top/Computer Sci & Engineering CSE291 - Nakashole
Top/Computer Sci & Engineering CSE291 - Gupta
Research Meeting in CSE CSE294 - Voelker
Research Meeting in CSE CSE294 - Orailoglu
Teaching Methods/Computer Sci CSE599 - Politz