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Biology has transformed into a quantitative science with the advent of technologies that produce large amounts of data, whose analyses demand advanced computation. The bioinformatics research group in CSE develops computational tools to enable biological discoveries.

In Proteomics (the study of active proteins in a cell), the group is engaged in the analysis of mass spectrometry data to identify and quantify proteins, discover post-translational modifications and processing, sub-cellular localization, the genes that encode these proteins, and study of proteins from non-cultured organisms (meta-proteomics). In Genomics/Genetics, the group studies problems relating to genome rearrangements, structural variation, deep-sequencing, and population genetics. In each case, our focus is on novel analyses of data from high throughput technologies including sequencing, genotyping, mass-spectrometry. CSE Bioinformatics is an integral part of a vibrant Bioinformatics PhD program on campus with faculty from Biochemistry, Bioengineering, Biology, Mathematics, Medicine, Pharmacy, and Cancer Biology.


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San Diego Super Computer Center (SDSC)

California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Cal-IT2)


National Science Foundation (NSF)