Artificial Intelligence Cluster

Students interested in the Artificial Intelligence Cluster will also work in its sub-fields and applications including machine learning and data mining.

Required Courses

  1. CSE 150 - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: Search and Reasoning
  2. CSE 151 - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: Statistical Approach
  3. Choose one of these two courses: CSE 152 - Introduction to Computer Vision or CSE 166 - Image Processing

Related course (if you like these courses, you may like this cluster)

CSE 103 - Practical Introduction to Probability and Statistics or Math 183

Cluster Sponsors

CSE undergraduate students are encouraged to collaborate on projects and research with CSE faculty, CSE graduate students and CSE undergraduate students.   Students may receive course credit for completed work by enrolling into CSE 199 - Independent Study.  Students are furthermore encouraged to pursue an Honor's Project and continue their independent work.  . There are many opportunities in the CSE Department to join a research project.  If you want to work on research in this field, contact faculty listed below. 

Gary Cottrell

Charles Elkan

Yoav Freund

Lawrence Saul

Sanjoy Dasgupta