CSE 91 - Perspective in Computer Science and Engineering



Fall 2017: 

CSE 91 A00 and B00: Data Science Workshop 

Course Description: TBA 

Prerequisites: Enrolled in DSC 10

Other restrictions: Must be currently enrolled in DSC 10


Winter 2017: 

CSE 91: Designing and Building Robots is apply what you learn in an introductory programming course make things happen in the real world.  You need to have taken a first course in programming as prerequisite.  The course is target at sophomores in all engineering and science disciplines.  If you have significant programming experience, the course will probably not be that interesting.

Working in teams, you will first learn to program Arduino-based robots. Then, teams of students will design a custom robot and program it to do their bidding.

A seminar format discussion led by CSE faculty on topics in central areas of computer science, concentrating on the relation among them, recent developments and future directions. Instructors approval via Application



Other Restrictions: 

Majors only.