CSE 5A - Introduction to Programming I (C)



Introduction to algorithms and top-down problem solving. Introduction to the C language, including functions, arrays, and standard libraries. Basic skills for using a PC graphical user interface operating system environment. File maintenance utilities are covered.

Course Objectives: 

Introduces students to modern structured programming techniques using the C programming language. Students will gain some idea of the sorts of tasks for which the computer is highly suited, and which sorts of tasks it is not. The course also presents the basic skills for using a PC operating system with graphical user interface. File maintenance utilities are also covered.

Laboratory Work: 

Programming assignments on computers at the UCSD Academic Computing Center.


A familiarity with high-school level algebra is expected, but this course assumes no prior programming knowledge; restricted to undergraduates. Graduate students will be allowed as space permits. Please see Prerequisites Page

Other Restrictions: 

A student may not receive credit for CSE 5A after receiving credit for CSE 8B, CSE 11, or an equivalent course.


Fall, Winter, and Spring.