CSE 184 - Computational Molecular Biology (BIOINF)



This advanced course covers the application of machine learning and modeling techniques to biological systems. Topics include gene structure, recognition of DNA and protein sequence patterns, classification, and protein structure prediction. Pattern discovery, Hidden Markov models/Support vector machines/Neural network/profiles, Protein structure prediction, Functional characterization of proteins, Functional genomics/proteomics, Metabolic pathways/gene networks.

Course Objectives: 

Special Note: Crosslisted with BIMM 184, BENG 184 and CHEM 184. Bionformatics majors only.


BIMM 181 or BENG 181 or CSE 181, BENG 182 or BIMM 182 or CSE 182 or CHEM 182.  Please see Prerequisites Page


Winter 2004 (offered by the Biology Department as BIMM 184).