CSE 160 - Introduction to Parallel Computing



Introduction to high performance parallel computing: parallel architecture, algorithms, software, and problem-solving techniques.  Areas covered: Flynns' taxonomy, processor-momory organizations, shared and nonshared memory models: message passing and multithreading, data parallelislm; speedup, efficiency and Amdahl's law, communication and synchronization, insoefficiency and scalability.  Assignments given to provide practical experience.

Course Objectives: 

This course gives an introduction to Parallel Computation. The goal is to provide an overview of important topics and issues for parallel architectures, models, algorithms and software. The course provides a foundation and context from which current research in Parallel Computation can be understood and more advanced topics may be pursued.

Laboratory Work: 

Programming assignments with parallel languages and/or machines in the uAPE lab and/or San Diego Supercomputer Center.


CSE 100 or Math 176. Please See Prerequisites Page


1 quarter per year, normally in the Fall.

Formerly CSE 174