CSE 125 - Software System Design & Implementation (AKA "Video Game Course")



Design and implementation of large, complex software systems involving multiple aspects of CSE curriculum. Emphasis is on software system design applied to a single, large group project with close interactions with instructor.

Course Objectives: 

CSE 125 (AKA "The Video Game Course") is a unique capstone course where students work in large groups on a single project for the entire quarter. The project is large, demanding, and multi-faceted -- students draw upon the material they have learned in numerous previous CSE courses. The project involves significant development, and substantial programming experience is critical. Limited specialized lab resources and close interaction with instructor require limited enrollment and instructor approval. In addition, an application is required for admission and approval from instructor is needed for enrollment into CSE 125. You can find what is involved in taking the course and the application at Dr. Geoff Voelker's webpage.

Laboratory Work: 

Programming assignments on workstations in the CSE Department labs.


Senior standing with substantial programming experience, and consent of instructor. Department stamp required. Please see Prerequisites page


One quarter per year, Spring.