CSE 118 - Ubiquitous Computing



Explores emerging opportunities enabled by cheap sensors and networked computing devices, and is organized as a preparatory course for graduate school. Students read, present, and discuss research papers from the literature. Small research projects will be conducted in teams, culminating in project presentations at the end of the term. The weekly discussion section will cover material relevant to the project, such as research methods, software engineering, teamwork, and project management.

Course Objectives: 

This course will teach the basics of ubiquitous computing (also known as pervasive computing) as well as the basics of research, including reading research papers, speaking and presentation, formulating research questions, and empirical investigation.


Successful completion of a major project course, including: Any course from the following: CSE 131, CSE 132B, Cog Sci 102C, Cog Sci 121, Cog Sci 184, COMT 11B, COMT 115, ECE 111, ECE 118, ECE 191, ECE 192 or ICAM 160B with a passing grade of C- or better.  Other project courses, experience, or accomplishments may be petitioned. Please see Prerequisites Page


One quarter per year, normally in the Fall.