CSE 110 - Software Engineering



Introduction to software development and engineering methods, including specification, design, implementation, testing, and process. an emphasis on team development, agile methods, and use of tools as IDE's, version control, and test harnesses.

Course note: CSE 70 is renumbered to CSE 110; students may not receive credit for CSE 70 and CSE 110.

Course Objectives: 

  • CSE 70 is renumbered to CSE 110.
  • Students that completed CSE 70 do not have to take CSE 110.

The engineering of software systems is a fundamental intellectual challenge of practical import. Moreover, many of CSE's upper-division courses demand that students build systems of modest complexity in a short period of time, making this course of immediate practical importance and justifying its lower-division status. CSE 111 Object Oriented Software Design and CSE 112 Software Engineering also cover this material in depth.  The course includes weekly lecture and guided laboratory work.

Laboratory Work: 

Programming assignments.


Please see Prerequisites page.


Fall, Winter, and Spring.  Please see Tentative Course Offerings page. 

Renumbered from CSE 70