CSE 11 - Introduction to Computer Science and Object-Oriented Programming: Java



Introduction to computer science and programming using the Java language. Basic UNIX. Modularity and abstraction. Documentation, testing and verification techniques. Basic object-oriented programming including inheritance and dynamic binding. Exception handling. Event driven programming. Experience with AWT library or other similar library.

Course Objectives: 

  • New CSE students may want to read CSE Course Placement Advice for assistance in choosing which course to take first in the department.
  • CSE 11 is intended for students who have programmed in a compiled language.

Laboratory Work: 

Programming assignments


Recommended prep: High school algebra and a course in programming in a compiled language. Restricted to undergraduates. Graduate students will be allowed as space permits.  See CSE Course Placement Advice.

Other Restrictions: 

Students who have completed CSE 8B may not take CSE 11.  Please see Prerequisites page


Every quarter: Fall, Winter, and Spring.

Accelerated Pace