B.A. Computer Science, 2010-2014

Updated March 23, 2015

Overview and Curriculum Requirements for Students Admitted 2010-2014

The BA computer science program gives students more latitude in designing their course of study.  By requiring fewer electives, the BA computer science program serves those students desiring more time for undergraduate studies outside their major subject. 

The department requires a total of 116 units for the BA computer science program (not including the general-education requirements).  

Our Long-Term Plans are designed for students with no advanced placement credit.  Some students will begin with CSE 3, CSE 8A/L or CSE 11, therefore, it is imperative that each student draw up a suitable schedule based on her/his specific circumstances.  Please read CSE Course Placement Advice to figure out which coures to take first.  To assist you with planning your schedule, consult our Courses page.

Long-Term Plan

  • BA CSE Long Term Plan Starting with CSE 8A
  • BA CSE Long Term Plan Starting with CSE 11

Major Requirements

Lower-Division Requirements

Graduation Requirements

  • All major requirements and upper-division electives, except CSE 91, CSE 197, CSE 198 or CSE 199, must be taken for a letter grade.
  • To graduate, a miniumum grade-point average of 2.0 will be required in upper-division coruses in the major, including upper-division electives.
  • Students must satisfy the general education course requirements of their college and university requirements.

CSE Academic Advising

Contact advisors via the Virtual Advising Center or call 858-534-8872 or visit a CSE Advisor during Advising Office Hours.