Veterans Gateway

Updated August 14, 2015.

What we do for Veterans

The CSE Department supports Veterans and dependents through programs, courses and advising services.  We welcome your dedication and honor your service.  We know that you can succeed in the career field of computer science, computer engineering or bioinformatics.  Completing a programming major will prepare you for your next career.

The GI Bill makes funds available to assist Veterans and their immediate families in pursuing higher education. UC San Diego is "military-friendly", which means we encourage Veterans to attend, and we also facilitate the use of GI Bill benefits to pay for your education.

Veterans who have just returned from active duty may want a tradional education, make new friends, settle into a routine and spend time with their families. UC San Diego is nestled next to the Pacific Ocean where you can spend your time with your family or work on your homework. UC San Diego welcomes the tradition of Veterans pursuing post-secondary education opportunities.



If you still have questions about federal veteran benefits contact at UC San Diego, contact Lisa Linares, (858) 534-0077, fax (858) 534-5723

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