Alumni: Get involved!

CSE Alumni:

  • What are your old project partners up to these days?
  • Is CSE still in the old AP&M dungeon?
  • Are the kids these days getting the solid foundation you got?
  • Are they still teaching that one useless class?
  • How can you give back to help students be successful in their transition to their careers?

Find out!


How you can get involved in CSE:

BBQs & social events

The CSE Alumni Board holds regular BBQs for fellow alumni to reconnect.  We most recently held coordinated BBQs across various geographies (San Diego, Bay Area, Seattle, New York).  Follow the UCSD CSE Facebook Page for event invitations.

Mentoring students

  • Jacobs Undergraduate Mentoring Program

    This program pairs up grad student mentors with undergrads, and has regular events, including alumni mixers.  Local engineering leaders (execs & senior managers) would give talks or participate on panels, and meet & mingle with students by discipline for professional networking & mentoring.

    IDEA home page & Facebook group

Faculty speaker

Every year the Alumni Board selects a CSE faculty member to give a resesarch talk tailored for alumni who want to keep up on the exciting new research areas UCSD is pursuing.  The series starts on campus at UCSD, and then visits the Bay Area and finally Seattle.  In 2015, Professor Rick Ord attracted large crowds with his talks.

What I learned video

You can also help give back to students and the department by recording a quick 1-minute video talking about where your CSE degree took you in your career, and what you learned as a student that helped most with that career.  See Leilani's video as an example: