Past Meeting Minutes

January 2011 Meeting Minutes


  1. Action Item Updates
    1. Linz/Joe - Update on board introductions
    2. Deborah - Update on state of Clusters
    3. Tiffany - Update on resume review
    4. Linz/David - Start on CSES interviewing video
    5. Linz - Growing alumni community
  2. Call for board member nominees
  3. Discuss a monthly "check in" call
  4. Discuss Spring board meeting

Attendees: Lindsey, Haytham, Joe, David, Deborah, Tiffany, Erik
Not Present: Jennifer, Michele, Taner


  1. Board member introduction to faculty: Yes, we are still waiting on some pictures, but have enough detail now and plan to introduce on Feb 11 that the faculty meeting.
  2. Update on state of Clusters: Deborah said that we are very close to having something to propose and is targeting Feb 11th. Next cluster meeting planned for 8pm on the 26th.
  3. Update on resume review: Tiffany just got the resumes, will have them updated by the end of Jan. She will send out the resumes to the rest of the board after she does a first draft.
    Tiffany is also moving to South Korea, so her last month on the board will be Feb. This means we will vote in 5 board members this spring.
  4. CSES interviewing video - Linz and David to meet again to try something out now that holidays are over.
  5. Growing alumni community - Linz started a facebook group which is already growing. This is our initial reach out to the alumni and we can formalize more from here.
  6. Distinguished alumni program - on hold until Keith Marzullo gets back from NSF.
  7. New board members - We will now need 5 members. Linz will propose a draft page for board member qualities and nomination instructions. We will post to CSE Alumni face book group, send it to the faculty, and explore additional ways to get the work out. Most important quality: interest and passion in what we are doing. Joe proposed adding a sentence on the bios to show the particular interest on the board. This will make our bios are active rather than static. David will put together a "current projects" page on the board site as well. Lindsey suggested that we get access to the board members who submit the "alumni survey" to identify more passionate and interested candidates. David to get access to the alumni survey information from Samira.
  8. Monthly "check in" call - Wednesdays are a good day. We will keep the call on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 7:30pm for now. The next call will be Feb 9th, right before the faculty meeting.
  9. Spring board meeting - Currently planned for April 8th. April 8th is supposed to be the faculty retreat. If so, our meeting day won't work well. Joe will talk Rajesh about that day and if the faculty retreat should be moved due to its proximity to admit day. The tentative plan is to have board meeting on April 8th and stay through the 9th. On the 9th we will attend admit day events and work on action items.
  10. Conference call technology - Nilofer will look at different options for communicating (teleconference/video conference). Some ideas brought up were Webex, skype, adobe connect, OCS, tokbox, google. The main requirement is that we need it to work with 15+ people. Nilofer will investigate the different options (cost and features) and present them at next meeting.

Fall 2010 Meeting Minutes

CSE Alumni Board Meeting Notes, Fall 2010
Friday, October 08, 2010
9:17 AM

Lindsey Fowler
Deborah Vieira
Jennifer Arguello
Haytham Allos
Erik Buchanan
Taner Halicioglu
Nilofer Motiwala
David Zhang

On Phone:
Joe Pasquale

Summary of action items from day:

Topic Owner Item
Dist. Alumni Keith Marzullo Provide board with a list of names that we want to start with
Dist. Alumni Keith Marzullo Do a presentation to the faculty this quarter on the program
Dist. Alumni Haytham Meet with Rady to discuss their process and any potential nominees. Bring feedback to Keith and the board
Dist. Alumni Linz Add action item to Winter board meeting to review list of nominees and provide feedback.
Board Website Keith Marzullo Get us access to our site
Board Website David Work with Keith to get access and update our web presence by end of October.
UGCOM Linz Linz to send email list of the board to UGCOM
UGCOM Samira Send Linz email alias of UGCOM (I had it)
UGCOM Samira Discuss staffing and support of the board with Linz
UGCOM Linz & Joe Create an introductory email for the board to the facutly by end of November
UGCOM Deborah Lead the discussion on clusters and propose one by end of quarter.
CSES Linz Send board email alias to Chris and Christina
CSES CSES Provide resumes for board to review
CSES Tiffany Review resumes and send the before/afters back to CSES
CSES Linz Coordinate putting together an interviewing video for CSES facebook page.
Board Meeting Linz Prepare and give "Day in the Life" talk to Gary’s class in Nov. If it goes well, appoint a board member to coordinate others.
Board Meeting Linz Find out when Admit day is, schedule Spring board meeting then.
Board Meeting All Members Block April 9th, 2011 on calendar assuming Admit day is then, like last year.
Mtg w/Chair Rajesh Send us the slides he presented
Mtg w/Chair Linz Follow up meeting for plan for students that are exiting this year. Let's start on this and thinking of a "membership model".
General Linz Set up monthly non-required meeting to follow up.

Board Meeting part 1

Revisions to bylaws

Updated board bylaws to make the facutly member officially non-voting. Approved changes to ties and majority voting. Clarified language that faculty advisor was to be appointed by dept chair. Other bylaws changes were made inline. Document uploaded to the groups page. Voting to take place in the afternoon when Michelle present.

Meeting with Keith Marzullo


Recognizing Distinguished Alumni

Keith sent slides, uploaded to the shared groups documents.

Current thought: Seeding with 10-20 of our most distinguished alumni, 1-2 additional alumni a year.

Where do we see the board helping? Sanity checking the process. Present the seed ppl to the alumni board to get an external view.

Board could add industry spin for criteria. What makes someone distinguished in industry? Rady school of management has some visibility here and could help here as well.

Original list - approaching the jacobs school, faculty, and other folks who track our alumni. Put this list in front of the alumni board for opinions.

Haytham to provide matrix to define us and how we are different from other schools. Board to come up with starter with Keith. Maybe intial starter list could guide but not be restrictive. Possibly not a good idea to put in front of the entire faculty. Names and why would be helpful.

Jacobs school may have already recognized some CSE alumni. That may provide a good idea who should be first on our list. Alumni Association may also have recognized some folks and they may also have ideas on how to recognize. Believe they solicit nominations and have very simple criteria ("top alumni").

Next Steps:

  • List of names that we want to start with - Keith
  • Presentation to the faculty this quarter - Keith
  • Haytham to meet with Rady to discuss their process and any potential nominees
  • Board call in Winter to review list and provide feedback



Joe sets the stage for the meeting.

Input on clusters and e-program.

  • Internship preparation
  • Locally - Shadow days in industry
  • Mentoring (involvement in metnor-net)
  • Class speakers (topic specific would be particularly interesting)
  • Knowing what transition to industry was like - why do we think certain things should be done with the curriculum. Alumni board provides the later perspective on what is useful.
  • Input on clusters - Not "Software engineering", "Operating Systems", coming up with packages of classes they can use when the graduate.

Linz to send email list of the board to UGCOM

CS Program Changes - Ryan presents slides

Really need alumni board help with clusters relevant to industry.

  • Have to take one cluster 3-5 of your 9 electives in a single cluster.
  • When do students choose a cluster (no force to choose a cluster) but start around junior year after completing 100.
  • Have to offer the courses enough not to delay graduation for cluster to be approved.

Cluster applications -

  • Don't worry about what is offered, faculty will help us with this (maybe choose to offer the course more).
  • Send to (investigate unblocking us?)
  • Vet the clusters in the board with at least one other person before sending them to the board.

Clusters currently look like grad student focus areas. If everything was a possibility, what would the clusters look like? That's what UGCOM wants to know from the board. Maybe we need new classes? Put job titles on the clusters?

Setting the expectations for students what companies or jobs these might be relevant for. Area on the application that shows students how these would be relvant. Industry-related rational.

Start trending with our own companies to target recruiting at clusters.

Will look to board to help with inter-disciplinary majors later. email saying that we are here and how to get ahold of us. If something comes through, assign a point person. SLA ~1 business day to get back on who would be handling it.

Joe to introduce the alumni board formally at a faculty meeting. Joe and Linz to discuss message of introduction.

Next steps:

  • Samira to send alias
  • Linz & Joe to figure out introductory email - end Nov
  • Board will discuss clusters - goal propose 1 by end of quarter - Deborah
  • Other activities - board to discuss this afternoon (particularly admit day)


Mission: Create a community for students interested in computing. Tech talks and projects. Do outreach for high schools w/ SWE.


  • Interview, Internships - do internship panels with students and industry. Students have questions about resumes.
    • Is this something we could put together online? Can we put together a group opinion on this?
    • How is this different from what career serviced do?
      • We specialize in this field and look at resumes every day.
      • If we had a prerequisite would be to go to career services center. TESC does some of this reaching out to career services.
    • Do students who want reviews have specific focus? No, most of them is to get an internship.
      • Some of the advice we should have is to tailor your resume. You don't have to do that but it helps.
    • Do students go to career services? Probably not a lot of students that are going over there. Rick gives a lot of the guidance to undergrads.
    • A lot of students are afraid to apply for internships and jobs.
  • Idea: video of us giving advice
    • If we put it on the dept website they wouldn't view it.
    • Facebook page for CSES page?
    • Before/after resumes
    • Mock interviews on video
      • CSES students can interview others?
      • Possible that we could do some mock interviews.
  • Monday CSES is doing an interview training class
  • Sponsor days where you can send us your resume and provide feedback? Probably not scalable.
  • Tap someone in a recruiting company to help with resumes?
    • Career services is probably best suited for this.
  • CSES opinions
    • Before/After resumes would be interesting and useful.
      • Different styles
    • Videos w/humor
  • How do students contact us?
    • Facebook is good
    • There's no precedent for this.
  • How do we contact students?
    • CSES facebook group
    • Send email to veira or patricia
    • Erik is admin of TBP group
  • Speakers for events
    • CSE day - Spring, last year april 2nd, admit day was april 10th.
    • Speakers for panels
    • Webcasts!
  • School Spirit - We have no football team (don't care about football, but love school spirit)
    • Assistance developing Alumni culture within companies.
    • Getting students information about where they are going for summer so we can get in touch with them.
  • Mentoring - Students don’t really understand the value of this (family members often provide this role)
    • We'd have to start with a talk on why you need a mentor
    • Metrics about getting a job with a mentor, knowing someone
      • There's actually a research paper about this. Put it on the CSES wall?
    • TBP, TESC, and SWE have mentoring programs between students.
  • Classes
    • Our feedback about what students need in industry is most useful - we should put this into clusters.

Next Steps:

  • CSES to provide some resumes - Tiffany
  • Alumni board to try a video and see how it is. - Linz and people geographically close to her :)
  • Linz to send group email alias to CSES

Board meeting part 2

Joined on phone: Michelle Strout

New bylaws passed unanimously.

Graduate students - We don't know what they want yet. Is there anything we can provide? Grad students will be going to industry too. Getting folks they need to talk to here is really hard. This might be a place where electronic mentoring is more effective.

Make sure some grad students are on our next agenda. Organize a video on advice for grad school (getting in, should I go, being a professor topics)

Admit Day

A day when people who have been accepted come to the school so we encourage them to take the offer. Recruiting tool for department.

Joe - Panel discussion. Feedback from students is that they most enjoy sessions where they hear from "real students". Getting current students on panels is easy. Our comments would be really valuable for students (and parents) to hear. Exactly what we did last night, but for pre-freshman. Tailor the questions more.

Aim to have our next board meeting in person near admit day. Admit day is a Saturday (likely April 9th). Probably a Thurs (opt), Friday, Saturday meeting.

Engaging other alumni - Not right now. Keep an eye out for opportunities to create community among alumni.

Shadows - Tiffany to investigate SPAWAR. Difficult to do at far away company. Students see that we are successful and doing interesting things and got a nice job (concrete and valuable for students to see). "Day in a life of" talks -- Linz to give a talk at Gary's class. Students would even get value out of this. Try a couple day in the life talks and see how they go.

Meeting with the Chair



Disconnect between grad and undergrad - Making undergrads part of the larger academic enterprise.


JSOE doing more with less. Equipment isn't a problem, but people are the most expensive asset. Shortage of people and talent. Strong family culture within the department.


Reaching out to the community.

Money for capitol expenses is from a different fund than operating budget. Commentary on macro-economic trends.

We are doing something right. Research is great, top ranking, other schools want to be like us. Largest CA engineering dept.

3 vice chairs

  • Academic - Bill Griswold
  • Administrative - Dean Tulsen
  • External Relations - Diana Rosen

CS 0 reaching out to high schools.

Undergraduates - not mini-researchers, mini-ppl, and they don't do mini-projects. We engage undergraduates in research.

Mentoring groups - family of 10 w/ faculty advisor at least the day they walk out. For one year they have a faculty advisor. The group has 1 PhD, 2 masters, 7 undergrads, 1 professor and they interconnect.

Professors publish research projects and match students they want. Dating software that is undergoing trails. Match students with the projects.

TPB student/faculty mixers and breaking down barriers between students and professors.

Encouraging faculty to teach lower division classes (this requires a certain set of skills) The faculty that do this now are really good so we don't want to break this up too much. Doing this very slow.

Allowing lower division students in upper division classes.

Opening masters degree program for folks in industry. Architecture based DB engineering

Start connecting our family including our alumni. Get their material participation. Building a base and reaching out with a message.

More interest groups of people -- represent activity, ownership, and participation.

  • Rajesh's Goals for us:
    1. Participation
    2. Activities
    3. Recognition of Alumnis

Participation -

Plan for students that are exiting this year. Let's start on this and thinking of a "membership model". Follow up meeting for this.

Things we can offer:

  • Locals - Parking
  • Access to Library
  • Access to conference rooms