CSE 8A - Introduction to Computer Science: Java (I)



Introductory course for students interested in computer science. Fundamental concepts of applied computer science using media computation. Exercises in the theory and practice of computer science. Hands-on experience with designing, editing, compiling, and executing programming constructs and applications.  

CSE 8A is a part of a two-track course (CSE 8A and CSE 8B) that is equivalent to CSE 11. Students should take CSE 8B to complete this track. Students who have taken CSE 8B or CSE 11 may not take CSE 8A.

Course Objectives: 


3 hours of lecture per week, 1 hour of discussion, 1 hour lab, and outside preparation.

Laboratory Work: 

Programming assignments.


"Introduction to Computing and Programming" by Guzdial. I-Clicker 2. 


Recommended preparation: No prior programming experience is assumed, but comfort using computers is helpful. Students should consult the CSE Course Placement Advice Webpage for assistance in choosing which CSE course. Restricted to undergraduates. Graduate students will be allowed as space permits. Please see Prerequisites page.

Other Restrictions: 

Students who have taken CSE 8B or CSE 11 may not take CSE 8A.


Fall and Winter Quarter.  Please see Tentative Course Offerings page.