CSE 7 - Introduction to Programming with MATLAB



Fundamentals of computer programming and basic software design covering topics related to variables, functions, and control structures; writing, testing, and debugging programs in MATLAB. Examples focus on scientific applications. Students may not take CSE 7 after completing COGS 18.

Course Objectives: 

CSE 7 is structured with two hours of weekly labs, with TA or Tutors to support, to asisst students with their programming assignments. This course will replace COGS 18 (Introduction to Programming for Cognitive Science). Some students may need to complete CSE 3, Fluency in Technology, before they take CSE 7. Please visit the Course Placement Advice page for more information. Cognitive Science majors must take the Advisory Exam available at the Cognitive Science Department.


Recommended prep: High school algebra and familiarity with the computing milieu. Students with limited computing experience may take CSE 3 for preparation. Restricted to undergraduates. Graduate students will be allowed as space permits. Please see Prerequisite Page


Normally in Winter.