Employee Training and Development

In general the Department of Computer Science and Engineering encourages employee self improvement. The following guidelines discuss considerations that help determine whether or not some or all training and development costs may be paid for by the department. The MSO, in consultation with the employee's supervisor, is responsible for determining the value of the proposed training to the unit and to provide appropriate funding or other support.

Assistance with an employee's training program can take several forms, among them, if appropriate:

  • time off
  • temporary changes in work schedule
  • full or partial reimbursement of costs

In general, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering's contribution toward employee training costs is related to the job-relatedness of the training. A distinction is made between a course or training that the Department or University requires an employee to take, and that which is taken at the election of the employee. The Department will pay for courses or training that an employee is required to take as a function of the job. For job-related courses or training, the level of the Department's contribution is dependent upon the level of job-relatedness, successful completion of the course.

Any Department contribution to course funding or reimbursement will be based on the lowest cost alternatives (for example, for fees or travel) available. Normally, entire degree programs cannot be reimbursed, though specific segments may be. UCSD also offers Reduced Fee Enrollment to qualified career employees as part of their benefits package. This program is available for a variety of coursework taken at UCSD.