Staff Personnel

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) employs a mixture of staff with widely varying responsibilities, some technical, some people-oriented, some fast-action, some long term. Some staff plan to work here until they retire; others will be with us only a short time before they move on. Some like their current responsibilities and would like to retain them; others like change, wanting to learn new skills and be assigned to different jobs. While all staff enjoy increases in their salaries to keep up with inflation, some are interested in more rapid increases and therefore seek higher-level responsibilities.

It is a basic tenet of our philosophy that people are most effective working at jobs they like and are good at. Accordingly, supervisors and subordinates are both encouraged to engage in regular dialog concerning the most appropriate match between the department's needs and the employee's work interests. There will not always be a match -- sometimes employees will have to find work elsewhere to fulfill their future interests and ambitions. We are varied enough in our needs, however, that over time many staff who seek upward mobility and are willing to acquire new skills and accept more responsibility can find these in the Department. All managers are committed to help in these adaptations, for they are often extremely valuable to CSE.

CSE sets no artificial or structured goals or targets for forcing cultural or other diversity among our staff. We do, however, firmly support the UCSD Principles of Community and believe that increased diversity among us is a powerful route toward increased effectiveness for us all, and are proud of our record in attracting and retaining staff of many kinds.

The information in this section applies to all staff in the department, but we are naturally required to observe the details of all negotiated contracts for those in unionized positions. When a contract differs from our philosophies or understanding, the contract governs.