Academic Senate - Research Support Funds


Only members of the Academic Senate are eligible to apply for individual grants. Individuals who are not members of the Academic Senate but are established investigators may seek support through joint applications with members of the Senate, or through the recommendation from the Department Chair for an exception supporting the applicant's request and advising the Subcommittee of his/her status in the department.

NOTE: Project descriptions should be written in general terms and comprehensible to non-specialists. Research grants funded by the Subcommittee generally do not exceed $7,000. Funds are not discretionary; justification of all items requested is essential. Funds will not be provided for expenses incurred prior to submission deadline date. Awards which would result in cumulative support beyond $30,000 over a ten year period are unlikely. Academic Senate members in all fields are invited to apply. Priority is generally given to junior and new faculty with no extramural support, and Academic Senate members will be given priority over non-Senate members. Since the Subcommittee is particularly interested in promoting new projects that will lead to extramural support, applicants should indicate when such funding is likely. Second applications in the same fiscal year will receive low priority.

  1. Priority is given to original projects, especially by junior and recently arrived faculty with no extramural or intramural support (including start-up funds).
  2. Consideration is given to a small number of larger proposals which fall within the following categories: (a) essential seed money for new projects by junior faculty, and (b) novel interdisciplinary research programs for groups of faculty. Proposals in these categories should not exceed $10,000.00/year for up to 2 years, i.e. 2-year grants up to $20,000.00.
  3. Funds may be awarded for supplies, field work, research assistance, general assistance, travel for research purposes (written quotation from agency required), and equipment (vendor price quotation required). For graduate student support, identification of the graduate student is required.
  4. Limited funds are available to support the final preparation of manuscripts for submission to publishers. Manuscripts must exceed 200 double-spaced, typewritten pages. You must include the title, number of pages, and a detailed price quotation. Funds will not be awarded if a publisher's advance has been received.
  5. Applications for computer equipment/software must be justified on a research basis. (Vendor price quotation required). Applicants must indicate what kind of computer equipment they currently use.
  6. Requests for funding of Audio/Video/Photographic equipment (price quotation required) should be accompanied by a letter from the Department Chair justifying the request in view of already existing equipment in the department. The award will be made to the academic department, not to individual faculty. The department is obligated to make certain that the equipment is accessible to the entire faculty.
  7. The Subcommittee does not award funds for: books; curricular, administrative and teaching aid studies; individual subscriptions or periodicals; professional society dues; reprints; telephone charges; postage; typewriters, calculators, office furniture; minor office supplies (paper, pens, pencils); maintenance and repair of equipment, photocopying (unless grantee is on field travel).
  8. Research involving the use of human subjects (including the use of questionnaires, body fluids, and tissues) must be approved by the Human Subjects Committee before being initiated. Approval number and date must be provided to the subcommittee. Application forms are available in the Human Subjects Committee Office.
  9. Research involving the use of animals must be approved by the Animal Subjects Committee. A copy of the approval or protocol number should be appended to the application. Animal Use Protocol forms are available from the Animal Subjects Committee Office.

Expenditures of research grant funds must conform to the Subcommittee allocations by categories and purpose. Savings in any category cannot be redirected and must be returned for redistribution; grantee's 10-year cumulative total will be credited. The grantee is responsible for the administration of the grant, any overdrafts, and must review the budget and return to the Subcommittee promptly any funds that will not be spent before the grant expires. Any unexpended funds on that date will automatically revert to the Subcommittee for redistribution. Any equipment purchased from an Academic Senate research grant becomes the property of the University upon acquisition and reverts to the University upon completion of the project for which the funds were awarded. All expenditures are subject to applicable University regulations. Policy and Procedure Manual References: General Policy: 150-75 through 150-79; Human Subjects: 100-5; Animal Subjects: 100-6; Accounting: 300-60 & 300-80.

Any unexpended balances returned prior to the ending date of the grant are credited towards grantee's ten-year cumulative total.

For information on current solicitations, deadlines, and applications procedures, see Academic Senate Research Support.