Relocation Allowance

Relocation allowances assist newly recruited full-time faculty in meeting individual housing needs. Eligibility is limited to faculty who are members of the Academic Senate or who hold titles equivalent to such members. Faculty members who have been offered a relocation allowance may request payment once they are in escrow for the purchase of a home. For home purchases not involving the University's Mortgage Origination Program, a copy of the first page of your escrow agreement should be given to the department MSO to initiate the request for payment.

Payment Procedures

If you are currently in the UCSD Payroll Personnel System the department will pay the relocation allowance via a payroll transaction. If you are not yet in the payroll system, payment will be made via a payment request to the campus Accounting office. All disbursements will be routed to the Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (SVCAA) for approval.

Tax Implications

Relocation allowances are considered taxable income. Payments made via the Payroll Personnel System will be taxed at the applicable rates indicated by the appointee's W-4 form if the payment is made on the monthly pay cycle (1st of the month). If the payment is not made on the monthly pay cycle, the tax rates will be 28% Federal and 6% State.

Housing allowances are not considered covered compensation for purposes of the University's retirement or employee benefit plans.