Faculty FTE Leverage Program (Course Buy-out)


The Faculty FTE Leverage (Course buy-out)Program enables faculty members to expand the time available for research and other scholarly duties. Participation cannot be guaranteed for all who may be interested; each proposal must be supported by the Department Chair and endorsed by the Dean of the School of Engineering, who forwards the request to the Senior Vice Chancellor-Academic Affairs for final approval. Some essential features of the program are:

Expansion of Research Time

Participants agree to release a portion of their salary in exchange for a decreased teaching load on a year-to-year basis. When an appropriate alternate teaching plan has been identified and approved by the Chair, a faculty member may propose to be relieved of teaching duties up to two courses in one year, according to the schedule below which is based on a normal teaching load of four courses per year*:

Relief of one course Participant agrees to support, from non-state funds, 1/6th ofhis/her regular nine-month salary (1.5/9ths).
Relief of two courses Participant agrees to support, from non-state funds, 1/3 of his/her regular nine-month salary (3/9ths). Of the two remaining courses taught by the participant in this case, at least one must be an undergraduate course.
Multi-year Agreement An alternate arrangement may be made by a faculty member who can only support, from non-state funds, a fraction of his/her salary other than 1/3 or 1/6th.

Two examples of this type of arrangement are:

  1. Participant agrees to support, from non-state funds, 1/12th of his/her regular nine-month salary for each of two years while being relieved of one course during that period.
  2. Participant agrees to support, from non-state funds, 1/4th of his/her regular nine-month salary for each of two years while being relieved of one course the first year and two courses the second year.

* A faculty member whose course load has been less than four courses per year is expected to participate in this program, participation being phased in over time at the Department Chair's discretion, since the teaching load for individual faculty is the responsibility of the Chair. Faculty shall not, however, as part of these programs, teach less than two courses per year, and at least one of those must be at the undergraduate level.


  1. Provides flexibility for use of FTE savings to the Department.
  2. Fundamental savings to each participant's department through salary savings will be used to cover the teaching replacement costs of the classes relieved. To fund teaching replacement costs, the Department will receive a maximum of $5,500 per course from the Dean of the School of Engineering. The remaining funds will be held in a School of Engineering FTE salary savings pool with the intention of returning at least 80% of the funds to the Department for its general use.

School of Engineering Goal

Savings of 10% of academic salaries after three years.

CSE Implementation Procedures of Faculty FTE Leverage Program

Faculty member conveys a request for relief of teaching to the department chair. Faculty should contact the Chair no later than January 15th for buy-out in the following academic year.

Sabbatical Leave for Participants

Sabbatical leave accrues according to the number of months of state-funded salary received. When a faculty participates in the Faculty Leverage Program (FLP), the number of months of the faculty member's state-funded pay is decreased. The School of Engineering will compensate for the sabbatical leave time which hasn't accrued due to participation the FLP.

The maximum sabbatical leave time accrued during a full-time, state-funded appointment for six years is six months (two academic quarters). Thus, in six years, faculty participating in FLP at the maximum rate possible will receive four months of state-funded sabbatical leave time plus two months from the School of Engineering salary savings resource pool for a total of six months.

Pilot Project Duration

The FLP will be implemented for a 5-year period beginning July 1, 1997 and will be continued following a successful evaluation.

Faculty FTE Leverage Program Request Form

Please print, complete the form and give to the CSE MSO, mail code 0404.